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How to Create Your Own Online School and Set Up Your First Course Using Mykademy

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A single solution to all your needs for launching an online academy.

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Since the pandemic, online education has been booming across the world. The features and functionalities offered by online coaching platforms like Mykademy facilitate and diversify the learning process making it more attractive and creative. With a few resources and the right tech partner, it is possible to start your own online school and create an online course. Mykademy makes it easier to start and implement your online course selling business. So, if you are ready to share your knowledge, learn how to teach online and earn money with Mykademy.

The beauty of online education is that it is convenient for both learners and teachers. It does not need displacement. It enables the learners to adapt their study hours to the rest of their routine. It allows learning at its own pace, advancing faster in subjects that are easy to learn, and spending more time in those that are difficult. Online education eliminates geographic barriers. With discipline and dedication, it guarantees a quality education with less cost and higher flexibility. 

With the growing demand and opportunities, it’s the perfect time to launch your academy online. Let’s see everything step by step. We are sure that by the end of this blog you will understand the reason why should you launch your courses online with Mykademy.

Table of Contents

Step 1 - Choose the Right Platform

Create online academy
  • Get a white label platform – With numerous online teaching platforms and learning management systems, it is easy to sell courses, teach online and earn money. But each one of them is different. You are starting your online course selling business aiming for a successful and stable revenue source in the long run. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to choose the best online platform to sell courses.  Although you can’t purchase and try every single platform on the market, you can find out which is the best by doing a comparative study on the best white label LMS platforms for your online coaching business. 
  • Create your branded web and mobile app – When we say create your own branded web and mobile app, we are not recommending the conventional approach of making everything from scratch or giving a huge amount to a web developer. With Mykademy you can easily create your website and mobile application without any technical skills. Besides saving your time, energy and cost from the hassles of creating your web and mobile app, Mykademy not only lets you create your branded web and mobile app, but also enables you to market and sell courses online
  • Sell courses through your website and mobile app – After creating your website through Mykademy, you can easily sell courses online without any trouble. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has negatively affected many businesses, online course selling business continues to thrive. The perks of having your own branded website and mobile application are that you reach a wider audience. The content you created or recorded can be used multiple times. Mykademy’s website and mobile application give you numerous features such as customisation, personalisation, device compliance and enable you to enhance your personal brand which can then positively influence your reach, learner retention and engagement.
  • Zero transaction fee – One of the reasons why Mykademy is the best LMS platform to sell courses is because it is pre-integrated with major payment gateways. You can accept payments instantly directly to your bank account without any additional transaction fee. Mykademy’s intuitive dashboard offers you detailed reports and insights so that you can teach without bothering about managing payments.
  • Conduct LIVE classes – Host LIVE online classes with Mykademy’s online teaching platform and enable learners to watch it in real time. Mykademy’s LIVE class feature attracts and holds the learners’ attention. You will be able to interact with learners through chats and comments, which will make the session more dynamic and engaging. Moreover, if you conduct a LIVE class in real time, it will give you more credibility and confidence. Mykademy lets you record your LIVE sessions and sell them as part of your courses which is again a win-win situation for you. 
  • Do Integration – Mykademy is the best LMS platform to create online courses with all the necessary features for you to integrate and import content from multiple platforms like Youtube, Vimeo and Zoom. You can easily embed Youtube and Vimeo videos to Mykademy’s LMS platform and make your course content even better. In fact, we have launched seven new exciting features recently.
  • Choose an LMS Platform – Do you know what is learning management system? A learning management system, commonly known as LMS is a SaaS product that functions like an online classroom. The main usage of LMS is to make online teaching and learning possible. LMS allows the use of different media and resources to make online education more interesting and engaging, such as audio, videos, presentations, and more. The benefits of an LMS platform are you can enroll unlimited learners and teach them at the same time. There are no geographical barriers or displacement costs. You can centralise all learning resources and monitor the performance of each student in an organized manner. LMS makes it easy to update tutoring materials and course content and offers flexible working hours and places of study. It enables proper interaction between student and teacher. If you are going to choose an LMS platform, consider the factors that are beneficial for you.  
  • Why Mykademy? – Mykademy is a cloud based LMS platform that helps you create interactive multimedia content and sell it online. Mykademy lets you differentiate the design and delivery of your course content. With the digital training platform provided by Mykademy you can generate tutoring content that works on multiple devices for a great on-the-go learning experience. You can add interactive content in various formats like visuals, pdfs, ppts and lots more. Mykademy’s tracking system gives rich data analytics, insights on the consumption of your content and measures the progress of your learners. Mykademy helps you create a virtual learning environment and reduce your printing and distribution costs. 

Step 2 - Design an Online Course

Create and sell online courses
  • Plan a course- Since you have professional teaching skills, identify what you are keen on teaching your learners. Subject matter expertise is mandatory, especially while starting an online course business. Brainstorm and select a topic in which you have knowledge and skills in teaching online. However, most importantly, pick a subject that has scope and demand amongst the audience. To know more, check out our blog on how to create an online course – who, when and why?
  • Develop your course- Once you fix a profitable course idea for your online school, it’s time to create some e-learning content. While creating course content, set proper learning goals and build a course outline that can help to guide learners. Decide your approach in learning so that it will define the type of content and activities of your academy. Once you have prepared your course material, you can upload them on Mykademy’s LMS platform by following our simple steps below: 
    1. Go to the ‘admin’ dashboard 
    2. Select the ‘Products’ tab
    3. Click on the ‘courses’.
    4. Enter the name so that you land in the course builder
    5. Upload pre-recorded content, PDFs, PPTs, embed YouTube and Vimeo videos to structure your curriculum. 
    6. Give a catchy title for your online course.
    7. Select a user-friendly URL.
    8. Select the type of access for the course.
    9. Choose an image that goes with it.
    10. Click ‘Activate’ and publish your course.

You can edit the course layout.Add your course content and learning activities section wise. You can create and upload interactive videos within the platform. For those learners who prefer text rather than visuals, you can add materials in the form of pdfs.

Regardless of what you add, you can adjust your virtual classroom environment and output to suit the course subject’s needs.

For instance, you can drip your content to your learners as per your choice and guide them with pre-recorded videos, audios, and informational texts. You can run a LIVE webinar at your school. What’s great about creating courses this way is that it gives you the ability to add any elements you want inside your course to make it as unique as it can be and centered around your learners’ learning needs.

  • Pain points to be addressed- One of the best ways to promote your online course and build your brand credibility is to create a healthy relationship with your learners by understanding their journey. Knowing how they perceive your course and how to address their pain points, can go a long way towards implementing the right teaching strategies and succeeding in your online course selling business. You need to put effort into identifying the learner’s pain points to acquire and retain them by delivering a frictionless experience. Pain points can be categorised into four parts:
    1. Support pain points- Delayed response, lack of knowledge 
    2. Productivity pain points- Inconvenience in learning your course or content, redundancy and friction in enrolling in your course 
    3. Financial pain points- Subscription plans, cost of repeat purchases Process pain points- Connecting to the right person, application submission etc.

Listen to your learners, understand their pain points and solve the problem by knowing it through the perspective of your learners. In this way, you can increase learner enrollment, boost learner retention rate and succeed as an educator. 

  • Make your course worthy to learn- Before jumping into conclusions about starting an online course business, think about whether a learner would pay for the course that you provide and why he/she/they would pay for it. Creating and publishing a course can be done by anybody. But the most important aspect of online course delivery is whether it is profitable or not. Therefore, sell courses that are profit potential. If you offer a solution for an issue that people are ready to pay for, then your profit potential will be high. So identify whether they already spend money to solve this problem through any services like books or applications. In this way, you can enhance your course selling.
  • Define your expectations of outcomes from the learners- Before launching an online course, set course outcomes or performance goals for the learners so that they add value to your course. It can serve as a guide that enables you to integrate specific skill building tools and information into your course content. Learners should be aware of how the course outcomes will enable them to advance up in educational qualification, or develop their knowledge. 

Step 3 - Define Your Course Goal

Launch your own online academy
  • Plan your course content- Wondering how to make an online course? Well, it’s not a daunting task when done properly. To create an online course, you should begin the process early so that you will get ample time to plan your course content. Do not forget to define your course goals at the beginning itself. Select the major topics of your subject matter and determine the order in which you will teach them. Generate a structure for your course and arrange each topic in a logical order. Create an outline for your course and identify what you want your learners to learn and accomplish from your course.
  • Decide your teaching methods and tools- Decide the teaching methods, and tools that you will use. Select an LMS platform that consists of multiple tools which is appropriate for the size of your class and consistent with your course goals. This is why you can trust and choose Mykademy as your ed-tech partner to teach online and earn money from online course delivery.
  • Determine your evaluation process- Determine how you are going to evaluate your learners. Plan exams and assignments accordingly. It should go hand-in-hand with course goals. Consider whether they reflect and help learners achieve their goals.
  • Skills achievement- Learners should have an opportunity to acquire and practice the skills through your course. Keep this in mind while you define your course goals. As you plan the course, remember the significance of teaching core concepts and critical-thinking skills. Focusing only on content might lead you to over-emphasize knowledge-based skills and to ignore the teaching of higher-level thinking skills.

Step 4 - Sell Courses From Your Website

Create online classes to sell
  • Coupon codes- Generate coupon codes to promote your online course and attract your potential customers by giving them discounts while purchasing your course. Use smart coupons to increase your sales and customer engagement. Coupon codes persuade customers to take the action to purchase the course. Add lead magnets while creating coupon codes to attract new leads. For example, you can give access to an eBook or a webinar in return for sharing their mail ID. It is a positive marketing strategy. But do not overdo it because it might lead to making your customer feel as if your service is less valuable. Read more from our elaborated blog ‘how to sell online courses from your website’. 
  • Bundles- You can combine multiple courses into a bundle and boost your course selling business through Mykademy’s e-learning platform. It is a flexible and effective way to market, sell and earn by teaching online. Usually, these course bundles are discounted from the combined price of the individual courses as a way to enhance your sales. To make course bundles through Mykademy, you will require a ‘primary course’ initially. Afterwards: 
    1. Sign in to your Mykademy account.
    2. Go to ‘Products’.
    3. Choose the ‘Bundles’ tab.
    4. Select the ‘Create New Bundle’ on the top right.
    5. Provide a name to your bundle and click on ‘create’ which will lead you to the bundle creation screen.
    6. Click ‘Add Item’ to start by putting courses into your bundles.
    7. Select a course from the drop down menu.
    8. Click ‘Add Item’.

Ensure the courses are published and hidden before adding to the bundle. This will make the courses exclusive to the bundle so that your courses will not appear on your Home Page.

To complete the process you can go to the ‘Settings’ and update the name of your bundle, add a bundle image and description for your bundle card. The bundle image will represent the bundle on your landing page. You can create the bundle access validity as you wish. Also add URL, Meta page title and SEO description from the ‘SEO Settings’. Go to the ‘Pricing’ section of the bundle creator to set the price. Once you are done with these steps, you are ready to publish the bundle. Hit the ‘Save’ button to publish it.

  • Course preview- Mykademy’s course preview feature allows your audience to view the content of your course for a limited time before enrolling in the course. By enabling learners to explore and understand what you offer through your courses and how it would benefit them, course preview is one of the best ways to promote your online courses and attract learners to them. It also guides the learners to take a decision in purchasing a course of their choice.
  • Offers- Providing offers plays a major role in selling courses online. Use limited-period offers to attract the learners and make them act sooner rather than later by limiting their access. You can provide limited-period offers during a new launch of your product/service or on any special occasions. Create offers and notify your audience through different mediums like emails or social media platforms. Make sure to add attractive visuals rather than sending plain text messages. 

Step 5 - Promote Your Online Courses

All-in-one Learning Management System

Online course delivery lets you share your knowledge with anybody who wants to learn. You might be ready with the course content but confused about how to promote an online course. Proper marketing of your courses online plays a pivotal role in the success of your online course selling business. But it is not as intimidating as it seems. Once you are content ready, it’s time to release it to the digital market. Take a step forward and follow some top tips to successfully market your online courses.

Step 6 - Conduct LIVE Classes

The internet and technology have made it possible to receive information about all kinds of events in real time. These days anyone with a smartphone can create a video and publish it in the virtual world, sharing live news across the globe. The same goes for online classes that can be watched in real time, even allowing interaction with the teacher. With the support of a proper online class platform, educators can easily start online classes and host LIVE sessions from your website. Once you are clear about how to start online classes, be ready with your gear and start your LIVE stream. While conducting LIVE sessions, try to speak slowly and clearly. Consider running a discussion board so that your learners can ask questions and participate. Pause in between to check interactions. Make sure your devices are charged before you start the session. 

Mykademy’s all-inclusive LMS platform is a great option for both individual tutors and major educational institutions alike that need online classes setup and video hosting support through a white label virtual classroom. Mykademy’s LMS platform has all the necessary features for you to integrate and import content from video hosting platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube. Key features of Mykademy’s LIVE streaming include Zoom LIVE streaming integration, HD video quality, 24/7 availability, enterprise grade security, recording, broadcast LIVE, custom branding, screen sharing, polling, multi-user whiteboard, content library, cloud based, mobile browser access, file sharing, advanced scheduling, email invitations, and much more.


Information is available to everyone easily. Technology is changing education. Facilitating learning and raising the level of education should be your primary goal. With Mykademy, you can have an all in one LMS platform that is easy to use and can upload content quickly. If you conduct online course delivery through Mykademy’s cloud based LMS platform, you have access to a complete platform with all the resources needed to create, market and sell courses online.

Visit Mykademy and take our 14-day free trial to test the platform and understand why we are the best LMS platform to run your online course selling business.

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