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Strategies to boost learner retention rate in online education

Boost learner retention rate in online education

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The e-learning sector has witnessed significant growth over the last few years. However, online educators still find it challenging to retain learners through course completion. Studies show that only one out of every ten learners will complete an online course, negatively impacting edupreneurs who seek to teach online and earn money. Moreover, the cost of attracting new learners is higher than the cost of retaining the existing ones. Therefore, deploying strategies to retain learners pays off for sure.

Reasons for Low Level of Learner Retention

There are several reasons why a learner cannot complete a course, and to an extent, some of them may be solved by the teacher. For instance, working people enroll for an online course and later find it difficult to carry out both job and online course parallelly. Some learners even say that they had no intention to complete the course while joining. The absence of motivation is one primary reason learners do not follow a course from beginning to end. They enroll in, take the information until they feel that they understand the course material. 

Identify why the learners quit before completing the course. It aids in leading them to complete the course and increases the success rate and longevity of selling an online course. Therefore, guiding as many learners until the completion of a course should be a vital goal of the educator as it helps to grow your academy online.

Learner Retention

Approaches to Enhance the Rate of Learner Retention

  1. Think from the learner’s perspective – Firstly, to understand why learners drop out from your course, you need to consider yourself in their position and think from their point of view. To begin with, check whether you use an all-in-one LMS platform that has an easy user interface and a simple navigation layout. Try to use your course as a learner, or ask somebody else to do it and give feedback. Analyse the data provided by your LMS platform and rework the modules that have less course completion rate. Understanding your learner’s perspective will help you to avoid failure in course completion and enhance your online course retention rate. At times, trying different teaching methods would help to fix learners from dropping out. Thankfully, online coaching platforms allow you to use multiple resources to make your lessons interactive and engage learners.
  2. Be clear with your course requirements – You should communicate your course prerequisites with the learners before they sign up. It might appear counterproductive. But marketing is not just about presenting the values and benefits of your course. If you offer the entire details about your course, the learners will find it helpful to make a wise decision. It will help to promote your online course.Make sure to set guidelines on what level of qualified people can enroll in your course and mention what you expect from them during the class and why.
  3. Boost learner engagement – Demotivation is a severe issue in online education and it highly contributes to low student retention rates. To fight against it, you can enhance learner engagement. Firstly, design your course in an interactive way. Participation and efforts from your side are crucial in student retention and results. Another vital condition for student retention is safety. Learners should be able to engage and participate in the course without fear, judgements, or embarrassment. Never let them feel isolated. Build a rapport with your learners and communicate with them. All these will surely help to boost learner engagement and consequent retention.
  4. Nurture a learning community – Let learners feel like they are part of a large community of learners. Do not make them feel abandoned. Thankfully, technology and the internet make it easier for learners to create groups and connect with each other. Generate group-wise activities and make study partners to encourage them. The sense of responsibility and connection with peers is a motive for those who struggle with the urge to give up midway. Enhance learner retention by promoting healthy relationships amongst learners, creating study groups and chat spaces using social media platforms, organising regular hangouts and face-to-face meetings.
  5. Be involved in your online course – Being available for your learners is an important aspect to grow your academy online. It also helps to improve their learning experience. Pay attention to your learners and ensure your accessibility by regularly talking to them and answering their queries. Give and collect feedback regularly. By having frequent communication with the learners, they will be comfortable to speak up about their concerns, giving you the best chance to retain learners.
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