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Mykademy is an online course delivery platform that enables tutors, trainers and training institutes to create and sell their courses online. We help educators start, run and grow a sustainable online business.

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The moment you start to wonder if you deserve better, you do. And that’s why we are here.

We empower you to embrace the teacher in you and help create valuable interactive learning experiences fueled by innovation and technology. Our adaptable changing process expresses our priorities – You!

Whether you’re an aspiring edupreneur or an accomplished one, climb aboard! Let’s begin this extraordinary journey of virtually teaching the world together.

Brendan Kavanagh
” We strongly believe that educators and training institutions deserve tailor-made and easy-to-use tools to run their teaching business. So we created Mykademy exclusively for them. Our vision is to elevate educators and training institutes to have better teaching facilities and a higher degree of financial success.”

Brendan Kavanagh

Group Chairman & CEO

The Olive

We believe that nothing can substitute experience and that’s exactly what our Olive roots serve.

Olive was born 15 years ago when Brendan Kavanagh, our CEO, found a pain point in compliance and legislation training given in the Oil & Gas industry and decided to change the way solutions were made. He was adamant to find a better way, and so he did.

The success of the newly developed concept led Brendan to start asking more questions on how Olive can bring about more cost-effective and fruitful improvements.

He gathered a dedicated bunch of people aspiring to make life easier for tutors, trainers and learners. From small office spaces to establishing a presence in all major cities of the world, and from a small team to a big family, Olive came a long way. We support individual educators to enterprises like Tesco, Microsoft, JLR and many more. Together, they changed the lives of over tens of thousands of tutors and millions of learners worldwide.

The Tale
of Our

The forces changed, yet the essence remains the same.

With the world moving forward progressively, we too, wanted to feel the excitement in the power of change. The idea was to redesign and refresh ourselves to provide more simple solutions to educators and enterprises around the globe. In 2020, the Olive – Ofabee acquisition was seen as a foot forward in this direction. With the right technology, outlook and ideas, this decision helped us take a massive leap forward to achieving our goals.

Thus was born the super versatile, Mykademy. A platform that caters to traditional or emerging edupreneurs and enterprises to establish an independent ed-tech brand. One that is capable of actively converting your training/tutoring talents online into increased financial gains.



Change is hard at first, messy in the middle but good in the end.

Mykademy thrives towards a progressive, future-proofed tomorrow that is inclusive and easily accessible to all. We aim to lend out a reliable helping hand to everyone with the passion to teach online, keeping your happiness our priority.

As numbers and figures grow exponentially, our team of eager experts, designers and innovators are evolving too. Interviews, workshops, coaching sessions and more, we are ready to take the world by storm. As for what’s in store for our future, we see the lives of people change one e-training session at a time.

Change is a choice towards progression and we choose to move forward. We are excited and ready to take on the future. Now the question remains, are you? #ForwardTogether #Mykademy

Everyone’s journey to
becoming a teacher is different…

We understand this, and that is why we take utmost care in ensuring that your online training business stands a class apart from your competitors in showcasing your uniqueness.


We are on a mission to create a sustainable ecosystem for knowledge sharing amongst educators & learners. We seek to equip you with better teaching facilities that can bring you a higher degree of financial success.

We are creating an ecosystem partnered with big tech in the world like Microsoft.

Platform to teach online

We’re delighted to partner with Olive Group – a company that is on the cutting edge of EdTech. The team has a firm appreciation of what digital natives are looking for from a learning and engagement perspective. Catering to evolving user demands requires big picture thinking, and Olive Group has a proven track record of delivering eLearning solutions that are easily deployed, customisable and user-friendly. Olive’s app delivers high-quality digital content that is learner-centric and outcome-driven, while also facilitating more dynamic student-tutor engagement and more efficient digital assessments.

Professor Kevin Marshall

Head of Education at Microsoft Ireland

Keep going. You did not come
this far to come this far.

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We do not listen with the intent to reply. We listen to understand.

We are a team of passionate dreamers and achievers. On board we have trainers, coders, designers, thinkers, subject matter experts, and good learners from various backgrounds all working towards aligned goals. Together, we have fun asking questions and paying attention to details while promoting technology as an enabler and no longer a barrier to simplify online teaching!

At Mykademy we are not mere co-workers but a strong and close knit community that is ready to march #ForwardTogether towards change. Here, everybody belongs.

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