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LMS for Onboarding Training

Onboarding training is essential to provide a good start to your new hires and help them connect with your business. It can instil a sense of belonging in your recruits and motivate them to stay longer. The right training platform facilitates onboarding training and helps your newly hired employees adapt to the workflow in no time.

Investing in an all-in-one LMS platform like Mykademy is always a great idea! Our corporate learning management system helps deliver dynamic online employee onboarding training, drives results, and most importantly, prevents burnout.

Mykademy - created and curated
for Onboarding Training

Learner progress notifications

Get notified of every learners' progress and assess the impact of your training program.


Manage your learner base easily by allotting admins and distributing work accordingly.


Market your courses better by offering customised discount coupons. Generate more revenue by boosting sales.

Chats &

The in-house messaging feature helps to avoid the shuffle to other chat rooms, giving you more time into training.


Give and get timely feedback to improve the training quality and analyse the course remarks.


See who attends or skips any training session with our attendance tracking tool.

Perks of Onboarding Training LMS

Mykademy helps you design, manage and deliver onboarding training successfully. Our cloud-based LMS system is a comprehensive tool to overcome all training challenges.

Improve participation

Create a gripping training that your new hires would not skip. Give a thrilling learning experience and enhance the training outcomes with gamification and exciting activities.

All-in-one Employee Training Platform

All-in-one platform

Limit your shuffle from one platform to another for managing online training. Ease your actions and effortlessly automate from a single point. Bring all your training troubles to an end with Mykademy’s LMS platform.

Save cost and time

Efficiently deliver the learning program to your new hires and cut down the expenses and time involved in traditional training methods.

Employee Training Software

Flexible accessibility

From providing informative training programs to monitoring the progress and ensuring its completion – do it all from any device with an internet connection, at any time from anywhere.

Skill Library

Begin your online training journey with our wide range of engaging and informative off-the-shelf courses. A collection of 500+ readily available unique courses, authored by industry experts, to upskill your team for being work-ready. Deliver your training on track with the best ready-made courses on Mykademy’s LMS software.

Customer Testimonials

Read how we save our customers’ business resources and help them structure a better organisation.

Adrian Cummins

"We used to face considerable high prices for compliance training. However, now with Mykademy’s high-quality, cost-effective and content-rich online training, they helped us to achieve greater levels of compliance than we thought possible."

Adrian Cummins

Restaurant Association of Ireland

Restaurant Association of Ireland
Eimhear Odalaigh

"Mykademy's online training platform is a world class learning environment, low-cost and very easy-to-use."

Eimhear O'Dalaigh 

Training Consultant

Excel Recruitment
Geraldine King

"The NRF and Mykademy Group's missions are aligned to improve the accessibility of education and training to the NRF's members."

Geraldine King

CEO, National Recruitment Federation

National Recruitment Federation
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Suits all kinds of training

Employee Training LMS

Equip your employees the right way and drive your business to success. Find out how Mykademy can help you drive better business.

Apprenticeship Training LMS

Guide your apprentices and equip them with organisational skills and standards. Deliver quality training to potential employees of tomorrow.

Compliance Training LMS

Prepare your employees for every circumstance to reduce risk with proper training. Discover how Mykademy delivers a great platform for compliance training needs.

Customer Training LMS

Educate your customers and balance your business on-track. See how Mykademy Enterprise plays its role in the effective training.

Manage all kinds of corporate training with our cloud-based top LMS platform.

Note: For any audience – employees, customers, new hires or literally anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mykademy is an online course delivery platform powered with LMS to easily create, market and sell courses online – by anyone, to anyone, from anywhere, at any time.


Over 20000 happy customers have been trusting our LMS to deliver their online training.

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