Grow your business bigger and better with the best Corporate LMS

Shift all your business training segments (partner, customer, compliance, vendor, apprentice or employee) online with Mykademy.

Corporate LMS for the competitive world

The Corporate LMS system automates training sessions for your organisation to get high returns at a lowered cost. You could beat the challenges involved in offline corporate training mode. Or kickstart an online learning platform with the best-extended enterprise LMS for customer training, partner training, compliance training, vendor training, apprentice training or employee training. Corporate LMS provides solutions for all kinds of organisational training needs to ensure greater financial success.

Our range of solutions

A complete LMS suite to resolve every other organisational training challenge.

Employee Training LMS

Equip your employees the right way and drive your business to success. Find out how Mykademy can help you drive better business.

Onboarding Training LMS

Training from the roots matters the most. Give your new hires the perfect head-start to productivity by training online with Mykademy.

Vendor Training LMS

Give absolute clarity about your products and services with proper training. Train your network better with Mykademy.

Apprenticeship Training LMS

Guide your apprentices and equip them with organisational skills and standards. Deliver quality training to potential employees of tomorrow.

Compliance Training LMS

Prepare your employees for every circumstance to reduce risk with proper training. Discover how Mykademy delivers a great platform for compliance training needs.

Customer Training LMS

Educate your customers and balance your business on-track. See how Mykademy plays its role in effective training.

Partner Training LMS

Boost your external business by training your partners the right way. Mykademy can partner with you in training your partners well.

Over 20000 happy customers have been trusting our LMS to deliver their online training.

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