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Deliver exceptional training to your employees, customers or new hires with the #1 cloud-based LMS solution and reap success. Mykademy serves top-end solutions to all kinds of training demands for over 20000 customers worldwide.

Trusted by 20000+ customers worldwide.

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Microsoft Mykademy Partnership
Aramark Mykademy Partnership
WOZU Mykademy Partnership
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About Mykademy

Mykademy Enterprise gives cutting edge solutions to improve your corporate’s online training sessions. Our in-built cloud-based LMS tools help to achieve all your online training goals. Drive your business straight into success with the perfect platform to organise informative and immersive online training sessions for employees or customers.



Easy course creation

Create multiple courses easily with our simple yet powerful LMS tools and deliver them efficiently to endless learners.


Manage numerous tasks

Experience a hassle-free experience of everything between enrolling a trainee and their course completion by automating multiple tasks.


Time saver

Shorten the time consumed with offline training mode and manage your trainees more productively by training online.


Cost saver

Cut down all the expenses involved in offline mode of training and save plenty of money by digitizing training sessions.

When the training is done right


Increase in employee involvement and retention


New hires work productively


Customer churning reduces

What Mykademy offers

Top LMS solutions for a progressive organization.

Employee Training platform

The right training enables employees to upskill their traits and perform better within the organisation. Companies must focus on giving quality training sessions to polish their employees

Onboarding Training platform

‘Well begun is half done’. The initial training gives immense clarity and focus to trainees on what and how their work goes. This ensures that they adapt to the work culture right from the start and balance on the go

Customer Training platform

Customers need proper guidance and understanding regarding the products or services that your organisation provides. Empower your customers and boost their confidence by providing them with the right guidance via training.

Skill library

Kickstart your online training journey with our wide array of engaging and informative courses.

A collection of 500+ readily available unique courses, authored by industry experts, to upskill your team for being work-ready. Deliver your training on track with the industry’s best eLearning content.

Bespoke content

Get custom-made courses by our experts, tailored to your requirements to manage your online training sessions seamlessly.

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Mykademy Tesco Partnership

TESCO partnered with Mykademy to deliver individualised messaging and increase user engagement

LMETB Mykademy

A future-proofed e-learning platform that is cost-effective and time-efficient results from the new LMETB - Mykademy partnership.

FORS Mykademy

FORS partnered with Mykademy to switch to a virtual classroom environment with LMS functionalities


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