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A future-proofed e-learning platform that is cost-effective and time-efficient results from the new LMETB - Mykademy partnership. With Mykademy comes a robust and innovative LMS platform that enables LMETB to provide their students with a virtual learning experience like no other.

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LMETB (Louth Meath Education and Training Board) is one of the biggest ETBs in Ireland, employing over 2,200 staff and providing education for over 12,000 students at primary, post-primary, and post-leaving certificate levels.

A leading provider of adult, continuing, and further education courses, programmes and apprenticeships, LMETB offers hundreds of training courses to get people on the right career path.

Regardless of whether a student is studying for a Post-Leaving Cert course or intends to take up an evening class, there is a vast range of education paths on offer with LMETB. They work with an extensive support team that strives to ensure that the experience of everyone attending a course is enjoyable and rewarding.

Challenge faced

Having carried out their training from the classroom only over the years, LMETB was eager to explore new opportunities to improve their training. During the Covid-19 pandemic, LMETB realized they needed to future-proof their business, deciding to implement an LMS solution focused on education and learning with a virtual platform built into it.

Mykademy platform appealed to LMETB because of its ability to track candidates, communicate with students, upload content and assessments, and offer a virtual instructor-led classroom facility, all built into one facility. The virtual classroom software proved to be an element of the all-in-one LMS solution that saved LMETB significant time and money.

Solution proposed by Mykademy

The main solution provided was a Virtual Stage and online Learning Management System incorporating Virtual Training Functionality, Video Conferencing, and Webinar Solutions integrated into the system. Here, students could log onto the LMS platform via their phones or laptops from anywhere across the country and access any documents, notes, tests, assignments from their respective courses. 

With all these solutions came a range of products from Mykademy for the LMS in education to an AI Virtual Assistant/Chatbot being developed, Future Room implemented, and AR/AI and XR. Developing  Mykademy’s e-learning platform will help students and candidates enhance their personal and professional development over time. On the marketing side, Mykademy assisted LMETB’s overall strategy, including social media activity, promotional videos, blogs, and podcasts. 

Mykademy products fulfilled LMETB’s vast requirements with the learning management system for online courses, virtual classroom, and assessments all rolled into one system. With such a wealth of knowledge and technical ability, LMETB’s online training platforms were innovative and ground-breaking for students and tutors to work to the best of their abilities.

How LMETB benefitted from Mykademy

In the current climate, LMETB is presently in a position whereby if the current Covid-19 pandemic was to stretch out, they could function in an exceptionally interactive and well-structured manner. Mykademy extends a future-driven learning management solution  to LMETB.

Added to this, the switch from classroom-based learning to an online platform meant significant savings on cost and time. It is the start of a fruitful relationship with LMETB, which inspires and empowers the next generation of students around Ireland.

Candidates can now access the training at any time via their mobiles, tablets, or computers with ease.

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Enterprise Partnership Story

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