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By partnering with Mykademy, FORS revolutionised its business, changing from purely physical training to an online solution which enabled them to keep the operation running smoothly across the UK, even during COVID-19.

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About FORS

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a national accreditation scheme that measures fleet performance and aims to drive up standards across areas such as; fuel efficiency, carbon emissions, and road safety. 

Headquartered in London, FORS is entirely voluntary, and its primary goal is to set the best practice standards within the transport sector.

FORS helps fleet operators deliver significant improvements to their overall efficiency by reducing fuel consumption and improving road safety through Energy Industry Training & e-learning. Over time, this can add substantial reductions in costs for fleet operators and ensure better sustainability for the long term.

Challenge faced

When Covid-19 struck in 2020, FORS was delivering all training from the classroom only. This was a significant struggle for their business when the lockdown in London and travel movements were restricted.

Mykademy proposed various options to FORS, one of which was to help switch to a virtual classroom environment with energy space LMS functionalities for tracking learners.

Solution proposed by Mykademy

Mykademy provided high-quality digital training for FORS, eliminating the process associated with their traditional classroom learning. With people restricted from travelling, this would allow learners to take the courses at any time, anywhere, and enjoy that learning experience at their own pace.

In line with the transport regulations in London, the switch to an e-learning platform helped FORS and over 5,000 logistics and construction companies around the UK capital.

How FORS benefitted from Mykademy

Since using Mykademy LMS products, FORS has revolutionised its business, changing from purely physical training to an online Learning Management System. They didn’t comprise Covid-19 either, taking all their classes online and being safe while keeping the operations running smoothly across UK.

Online learning platforms proved to be an enjoyable process for all parties, making it a seamless process for both tutor and student. In the process, a clear, consistent message was delivered.

After a successful year to date, FORS may never go back to classroom learning because of the copious amounts of benefits that come with online learning.

The new online training platform has been a real success in upskilling staff with a major cost-benefit. It has revolutionised how staff train across the UK, cut travel costs and downtime, and allow staff to train locally in their own time.

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Enterprise Partnership Story

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