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How to sell online courses from your website?

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Now that you have found your niche, done ample research and made your content, it’s time for you to start selling them through proper channels to maximise your profits.

Creating your online course and selling it from your website is a great way to establish a more substantial presence amongst your competitors and to build trust amongst your learner base. It is also a great way to make higher profits. So if you are someone looking for the next best thing to do to upgrade your standing in the edtech market, you have come to the right place. 

Let’s jump right in to see how you can sell courses online from your website to earn ten times more profit. 

Build your website

Assuming that you have already created your own unique content for your target audience and have tried to establish an online presence through YouTube and other social media channels, the first step would be to build a suitable website for your online academy.

Don’t get confused – technical programming skills are not required to build your own website. You just need to lay a foundation for all the features you want to incorporate into your platform and can easily hire an expert to do it for you. Again, it is highly recommended to use a trusted platform like Mykademy to get this job done. 

Make online courses

Ideate features

You can start by ideating the different features you want in your application.

Choose domain name

Once thoroughly researched and finalised, you can get a proper domain name for your website. Make sure that it is easily recognisable or relatable to your online academy. Keep it short and memorable. 

Choose a web host

Next, you can choose a web host. Every website has a web host that is responsible for keeping the website up and running. To identify a good website, you can look at the following:

  • Loading speed 
  • Uptime Guarantee: In short, it is the amount of time a website is online. You need your website to be up and running continuously. An excellent standard uptime is 99.9 percent, where your website may be offline for about 8.64 hours yearly. Read all terms and conditions of the service carefully while shopping for a web host. 
  • A good support/success Team. 
  • Top-notch security. 

Customise your new website

After a primary platform is set up with all the required features, you can always go back and customise the look and feel of your website. Choose a theme that goes well with the kind of content you are trying to sell. Make sure that it is user-friendly, and has the right amount of design and communication for your niche. 

Build a sales funnel

To maximise your sales and convert visitors to subscribers, you need an impressive landing page. Your landing page is like your storefront that should be attractive, inviting and compelling. Use appropriate keywords on your landing page. 

You can consider handing out lead magnets like free e-books or podcasts to trigger the audience to sign up for your content. 

Include easy and safe payment gateways to accept payments. 

Optimise your site for search engines

The online marketplace is a highly competitive environment, and you should constantly update yourself and your platform to catch up and stay relevant. Make sure that you utilise search engine optimization to the fullest.

Add courses to your website

Once everything is in order, start adding your courses to your website and get ready to sell. Keep updating the content according to course requirements and ensure that everything is in place. 

Create Courses Online

Promotion through email

Once your website is set up, promoting your new website and courses through e-mail is a great way to attract new and prospective learners. Welcome your subscribers by creating a personalised and engaging email that conveys what you do, what they can expect from you and a CTA (call to action) that directs them to your best courses plus content. 

You can send emails to them around 3-4 times in the next ten days and subtly promote your courses by giving them meaningful promises to keep providing helpful information. In addition, you can use push notifications and ensure to include a link to the course sales page of your website. 

Engage through social media blogs

You can further drive traffic to your website by actively engaging with your learner base through various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. To market your course, you can also use platforms like Quora, LinkedIn Pulse etc., leading to strengthening your relationship with your niche. 

Similarly, writing blogs and guest posts is a great way to drive traffic and get backlinks. Backlinks are known to enhance your site’s rankings.  

You can share a few of your content ideas through presentations on SlideShare or give snip bits of your content as a teaser for what you can provide. 

If you have a sizable budget, you can consider paid modes of promotion through social media sites like Facebook. 

Now let’s try and answer another pressing question. Is there a platform to help me create, build, sell, market and manage my courses and content online? 

The response is yes, and your answer is Mykademy – an all-in-one help for all your LMS requirements. You can easily create, sell and market your courses and even build your own mobile and web applications that are customizable. Mykademy also helps you in managing your online academy efficiently. Check out Mykademy’s cool, innovative features

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