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Introducing 7 exciting new features of Mykademy LMS platform

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MYKADEMY is a single solution to all your needs for launching an online academy and course selling to students on a global scale. Make the most of the time and move your offline institutes and training to online while the e-learning industry is booming. The world is moving forward at a fast pace. We make sure that we stay updated in our respective industry.

At Mykademy, we are in pursuit of new challenges and constantly strive for excellence with our feature updates to improve the user experiences for our clients. If one doesn’t hop on the train of progression, you stay still and will eventually be left behind. That is our nightmare, and we would never let such a thing happen. Together we can create a better world. 

Determined to bring you the best experience, we have upgraded our well-built LMS platform with few hands-on features to enhance your stay with us. Check it out:

Advanced Website Builder

Website Builder

One of the most premium features of this release is the redefined website builder. A host of new capabilities have been added to the website builder that gives admins more control over the aesthetics of the white-labelled e-learning platform. With this update, Mykademy offers a feature-rich page builder on par with some of the dedicated website-building services in the market.

The colour scheme, the tabs on the header, the type of buttons used, the layout of the page, course-cards template, the footer – all this and more can be edited and customised to get the perfect look for your platform. There are numerous templates to choose from, and if required, other custom templates can be created.

Image Cropping

Image Cropping LMS Platform

With this release, the image crop option will be available to admins, so there are no size-related restrictions anymore. Once an image is uploaded, an admin can crop the image to the desired size and save it. This is possible wherever there is an image upload option (except for favicon and logo upload options). 

Learner Time Zone

Learner Time Zone Online Courses

When a learner logs into Mykademy for the first time, the e-learning platform will automatically detect the local timezone, and a pop-up (as shown in the image) will appear on the screen. 

This is a mandatory field, and the learner should either confirm this time zone or manually choose another one to proceed further.

Additional Features in Assignments

Create Course Assignments

While creating assignments within a course, admins (and any other users who have been allocated the privilege) have control over more than just the due date now. The user can also configure other settings like the cut-off date (assignment cannot be submitted after this date) and enable resubmission (the number of resubmissions allowed). 

The system will be able to list all the submitted assignments on a single page. Admin (or user with privilege) can grade the submission and give feedback. Also, when an assignment is created or a submission is graded, the system will send a notification to the enrolled learners (learners who are enrolled in the course). Admin (or user with privilege) can change the grade of a learner’s submission at any time.

Even from the learner point of view, the layout of the assignment page has been changed, with information like time remaining for submission, submission status, grading status, etc. Learners can also post any relevant comments along with their submission by clicking on the comments button. 


Sell Courses

With this release, Mykademy will help you engage more with your end-users using the newly-added News Feed feature. The admins (or users who have the privilege) will be able to post content or share notifications using this. This feed can be public, in which case, any information posted will be visible to everyone (even to those who do not log in). 

Tutors will also be able to post information about their assigned courses using the Announcement button. These announcements will be only visible to the learners who are enrolled on the course. On the learner side, the Announcement page will be within the course content page, and all the learners who visit this page will be able to see the announcements with one click.

LIVE Session (Adding Third-Party Links)

LIVE Classroom

This release will introduce the option of adding more third-party links to facilitate LIVE sessions (in the previous version of Mykademy, only Zoom, Youtube and Vimeo links were accepted). When creating a session on the LIVE Classes page, the drop-down menu will now list Others as an option within the LIVE Class Integration menu. If this is selected, the users can paste any link to a third-party video conferencing solution and schedule these sessions through Mykademy.

 The following are the list of new video conferencing platforms that could be added using the feature: 

  • Skype
  • TeamViewer
  • Google Meet
  • Webex
  • GoToMeeting

Additional Features - Phone Number & Address Fields

Online Learning Platform

This feature will allow admins to control the information collected from the learners and decide which fields are mandatory while filling in the user information. This can be accessed within settings by clicking on the Field Management tab as given in the image.

The following are some of the possible settings:

  • Display the purpose of the mandatory fields for learner
  • Option for admin to make the phone number non-mandatory
  • Option for admin to make the address field mandatory
  • Option to configure whether the phone number needs to be displayed at the top of the video lecture

Summing up, these are the latest additions to our already feature-rich all-in-one online LMS platform. On-board Mykademy, create and sell online courses effortlessly while we strive to deliver the absolute best experience to our clients.

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