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Why should you launch your courses online with Mykademy?

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Have you decided to finally transform your knowledge into an online course and decided to sell that? Then you definitely should read this. Creating online courses have now become common but finding the right platform for selling the course can be challenging . Since the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic, many tutors are moving online and have started searching for a platform to get better reach and marketing tools for selling their courses. According to a 2017 industry report, the Global E-learning Market is expected to reach $275 billion by 2022. Focusing on this market many companies and individuals are launching their courses, but the majority of them are not getting wider appreciation due to the lack of platforms which are fit for purpose for their needs. Whether you are an independent tutor, training organisation or business, Mykademy, a leading, innovative and cutting edge virtual learning platform is here to help you expand your business. Let’s analyse why you should choose Mykademy to launch your courses.


Why should you choose mykademy?
A virtual learning platform like no other, Mykademy was imagined, and developed to help training organisations deliver their best work to learners. Mykademy provides your learners with an immersive experience that feels as good as a real classroom. To help your learners stay focused, to engage them and turn them into active learners, you need a platform that’s easy to use and yet is effective.

Create your own website: Have you considered a website for selling your course? At Mykademy, you can build your own website. You can use our tools to customise the experience for visitors, personalise your brand and do many more things. We help you in creating a mobile-friendly UI/UX interface. You can choose the domain name of your choice to provide a better customised experience for your visitors.

Fully customised Apps: In an era where learning is becoming more accessible apps have gained more relevant. Mykademy is available in both IOS and Android versions which help learners and professionals alike, feel empowered with an option to learn on the go.

Easy tracking of learner’s progress: You can track your learners progress, get complete course status, generate test reports, give assignment grading and provide students with targeted feedback. You can also set rule-based courses to define students learning progress and lots of other features.

Interactive Whiteboard: Using Mykademy you can draw, highlight, annotate & collaborate with students in real-time. You can also give your students the permissions to draw and contribute to the sessions.

Scheduling Feature: You can schedule upcoming events, sessions and assignment deadlines for your students. Mykademy also has the feature of sending automated reminders and notifications to support learners to effectively manage time.

Monetize your courses: Mykademy enables you to create paid content, tutorials of your choice and monetize your expertise while training others. The revenue you obtain from the courses is fully yours.

Customised Marketing Tools: Mykademy platform has all types of marketing tools that help to promote your courses. With Mykademy you can create email templates, push notifications and flash notifications to shout out your new course launches, offers, events to your learners.

Manage Payment and Invoices: Managing the payment has always been a problem for tutors and trainers. Mykademy has customised gateway interface designed to ensure maximum security for every transaction. Your learners can make hassle free payments.

The flourishing online education sector provides an opportunity for upcoming entrepreneurs to get paid for sharing their knowledge and this is the perfect time to launch your online academy. Mykademy provides your learners with an immersive experience that feels as good as a real classroom. Your interactions with your learners need not be a one-way communication. To help them stay focused, to engage them and turn them into active learners, you need a platform that’s easy to use and yet is effective. We go far beyond that to ensure you monetise your expertise while helping others learn.

You can create, market and sell your unique content using the platform’s inbuilt analytics tools. Organising your course library and navigating through the marketing/sales dashboard is very easy. We want you to focus on your course creation and training delivery. The platform will take care of the technical and design part.

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