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A comparative study on Best White Label Platforms for your online coaching business

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Creating an online course can be a tedious task and a big deal for you. 

Online courses can bring together individuals thirsty for knowledge and those driven towards a common goal. It is also an excellent opportunity to create, grow and empower a thriving learning-business community. For you to make that first move towards starting your own online coaching business would be to find the perfect white label course platform that suits your requirements the best. 

Keeping this in mind, we have done our share of research to find the best available white label course platforms in the market today. An analysis that would help you find individuals to create the community you want and offer you the best online course experience. 

Let’s start by first answering the fundamental question - what is a white label online course platform?

In simple words, a white label online course platform is software that will assist you in creating your own customised online business platform where you can offer online courses and sell them under your brand name. When you offer a private label online course, another company does all the spadework for you. They take care of everything from coding to the creation of a personalised mobile/web application.

White label online course platforms should not be one-dimensional, offering just a space to sell courses online. It should encompass features that have multiple uses, functions and applications. It should be flexible and robust. 

With the usage of the right white label platform, you will succeed in offering more than just immersive online courses. You will acquire ample opportunities to build a long-lasting and thriving community of like-minded people.

So the next question that follows would be - what are the best white label platforms for your online courses?

Creating an online course is the first step towards launching a career in the online coaching business. Once you have your content ready, it is time to think of the best suited white label platform that will help you harbour your ship to success. Which platform can help you with this? 

While you have a range of options, you must look out for flexible ones that do more than just help you sell your online course. You must find a platform that will help you share your stories and experiences to keep your community engaged.

With this in mind, let’s look at the key aspects to consider while choosing a white label platform.

  • Choose a platform that allows you to connect with your students because establishing a virtual community where students can build relationships with each other will shoot up your value. Keep in mind that the more connected your community is, the more value is banked to your brand name. 
  • Choose a platform that lets you create and organise immersive courses that can complement your content. You must gain access to deliver your online courses through video, audio, PDFs and images. Students should be given access to provide feedback and share their ideas etc. 
  • Choose one that has the potential of growing and expanding with you. For example usage of membership subscriptions to an exclusive mastermind group, where you wouldn’t require a third-party app to get where you want to go. 
  • Choose a platform that offers a secure native mobile application. This is essential to provide your students with more opportunities to complete courses and check in with each other. 

Now that we have covered the basic aspects to keep in mind while choosing a white label platform for your online coaching business, let’s jump right into our top picks: 

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#4. Kajabi

Kajabi is a white label online course platform that enables tutors to create and manage online courses and launch marketing campaigns. This is a good option for tutors new to the business, but it lacks a channel for engaging and connecting with members. 


- Offers dynamic course offerings

Kajabi enables its users to include and create multimedia course materials with text, photos and videos, and promotes the use of quizzes and polls to engage with students. In short, you can enjoy some degree of flexibility for structuring your white label online course content

- Good marketing strategies

Kajabi gives importance to marketing and therefore offers instructors tools that can help in the effective delivery of email campaigns, weekly updates, and landing pages. 


- No Channel for communication between members

This site lacks in giving much emphasis on community building and engagement. Most tutors rely on creating groups on various social media platforms like Facebook to connect with its members since Kajabi is a web-only online forum. The clutter of news and updates from different social circles can make use of social media groups a significant distraction for both the students and the tutors. 

- Provides limited scope in the mobile app

Kajabi offers native mobile app access but the experience of which can fall short of being a reliable platform. There is no way to access the forum through its mobile app and, therefore, students cannot connect unless they have access to their home computer. 

#3. Teachable

Teachable is a white label online course platform that allows tutors to create and sell courses on their own website under their own brand name. 


- Offers flexible course set up

Teachable makes course set-up and customisation easy for tutors. You can add videos, images, PDFs etc. to your course lectures, make use of quizzes and enable course compliance. You can also offer course completion certificates to your students. 


- No channel for communication between members

Like Kajabi, Teachable does not have an active community option. Most tutors would have to rely on social media to create groups and make connections with members. You, as an instructor, will have minimal control over how members connect in such scenarios. 

- Provides limited scope in the mobile app

Teachable’s mobile app is definitely not its strong suit. Teachable lacks a versatile mobile application and instead has one that does not complement its website. There have been occasions where users complain about challenges faced on the app. Depending on the type of mobile software, iOS or Android, you may or may not be able to get access to comments or other features. 

#.2. Thinkific

Thinkific is a platform that enables tutors to create, market and sell white label courses online under their own branded name.


- Variety of options available to build courses

Thinkific offers tutors various ways to build courses. It is an excellent choice for tutors looking to focus on content alone. Tutors are given an option to create and sell private online courses where lessons can be provided to students over a period of time or all at once. Tutors can also increase the quality of classes by the inclusion of multimedia content, quizzes and surveys.


- No dedicated channel for communication between members

Like most white label course platforms available in the market, Thinkific lacks a channel to communicate between members. 

- Increased dependency on third-party apps

Tutors who wish to include mastermind groups, Q&A sessions and other events will be disappointed since Thinkific does not offer any event-based learning options to tutors and students. Instead, users have to rely on third-party apps or completely forgo interactive event-based learning methods. 

- Lacks presence of mobile app

Thinkific is mobile-friendly but it does not have a dedicated native mobile app. This implies that the students lack a reliable, secure space to check in to the platform through their iOS/ Android devices and cannot send periodic reminders with push notifications.

White Label Teaching Platform

Last but not least…

#1 Mykademy

Mykademy is a robust white label online course selling platform that enables you to create, market and sell your courses online to facilitate extraordinary revenue and growth. It encompasses all the features and characteristics a tutor dreams of! It is an ideal platform for those who are looking forward to a progressive, feature-rich, and successful future in the online ed-tech business.  


- Ease of starting

Mykademy enables tutors to start creating, marketing, selling and managing your content and brand in three simple steps. 

- Ease of use

Mykademy gives you access to state-of-the-art technology and robust features, ensuring that you glide through the platform with maximum ease. Tutors do not need to have any prior knowledge or experience in coding, designing, technical know-how, etc., and will not have to face any hosting challenges for your website and courses. Tutors are simply encouraged to focus on doing what they love to do and do the best – teaching! 

- Own branded website and mobile app

Mykademy enables tutors to create their own branded website and mobile app, which is accessible to Android/iOS users. You get to choose from various themes and options or even customise one for your own without any technical or design knowledge

 You also get your own domain name and an entirely white labelled course delivery platform.  

- Promotes you to build engaging courses

Mykademy promotes tutors to package your premium content into exciting and engaging courses with the help of various tools and features. It provides an excellent course and curriculum builder where you can create unlimited courses, build your curriculum and upload multimedia content and much more. 

Mykademy also assists in content dripping and accessibility. You can set controls and restrictions on how you want learners to access the course content. It helps you gain maximum control over what happens on your platform. You are the boss, and therefore you get to decide! 

This platform also allows you to include mock tests, question pools and assignments to ensure that your courses are of the highest value. Assignment submissions and evaluation has never been this easy for students or tutors. 

It also allows embedded video content from YouTube or Vimeo that you can play within the platform. This enables tutors to worry less about transferring precious content you have already uploaded to these platforms and can just focus on adding more value to their own forum. A win-win situation!

- Powerful marketing strategies

Mykademy allows tutors to grow more by promoting more sales. It allows you to integrate in-built marketing tools and third-party tools using Zapier to promote your courses. 

 You get to offer discounts and coupon codes for bulk promotions or for selected learners to increase your learner subscription base. 

 Mykademy also promotes the ardent usage of email, flash and push notifications to stay connected with your learners and members all the time. Mykademy uses secure payment gateways that are fast and efficient to ensure that you get paid within minutes and in the safest way possible.

- Management made easy

Mykademy’s sought after features allow tutors to manage their platforms with ease. You will be able to measure your revenue growth with detailed and efficient reports on enrolments and payments that can be attained daily, weekly or monthly. Tutors are given the power to create custom admin roles to manage their payments, sales reports and invoices. Tutors also get custom reports on courses, learners, tutors and other admin roles. 

 Tutors can track and review learner’s performance and help them to achieve better results. 

- Offers branded digital certificates

Tutors can upload and award personalised digital certificates and issue course completion certificates based on the result of the learner. You get to set rules automatically or manually. 

- Top-notch data security

Mykademy’s focus and importance to security are fascinating. It provides encrypted video content delivery, ownership of your content, SSL certificate, usage of PCI Level 1 compliant payment gateways and an incredible 99.9% uptime to ensure that your platform runs smoothly throughout the year. 

- Dedicated support team

Mykademy offers a spot-on support team ready to assist you in all your queries and worries 24/7/365. Their support team will help you by addressing your doubts ranging from tips and tricks to overcoming the challenges faced while running an online academy. They can assist with smooth onboarding, feature upgrades, product training to make the best use of the platform, and help you in the creation and launch of your very first course. The support team acts as the perfect helping hand for your smooth transition into a victorious educator. 

Why waste your skills, knowledge and penchant for teaching on underpaying side businesses when you can earn a living out of practising your passion? With Mykademy, you will empower yourself and give wings to your dreams of becoming a world-renowned and successful online educator. 

Mykademy keeps updating itself to accommodate all requirements of the ever-changing market globally so that your transition during the change is effortless and successful. 

Join us today and get exciting trials and offers just for you! 

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