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2020 had been difficult for most people around the world, especially for those in the education sector. However, the distress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic eventually transformed into a boon, at least for those who started to sell their expertise online. 

Online course selling business lets you share your knowledge with anybody who wants to learn and earn profit out of it. Perhaps you might have content ready but feel daunted about taking that new step forward in setting up your online business and marketing your courses digitally. Well, if you are one of these people, then you are at the right place. Let’s learn some interesting facts about marketing and some tips to boost your online course selling business.

Marketing courses online are not as intimidating as it seems. Once you have your content ready, it’s time to unveil your great work to the market. But before diving into it, prepare yourself with these simple steps to run your marketing campaign.

Online course selling

Display your expertise attractively

People always want to learn from those who are credible. However, you don’t need to hold a Ph.D. to show your credibility. Get certified in your core area if possible. Even though certification is not mandatory, it functions as proof that you are an expert in your field. It is a validation of your expertise.

Create some buzz around your name to make it feel legible. You can compile all your accomplishments, like the degrees, certificates, titles, or awards you received, and publish them on your LinkedIn profile or your website’s home page. 

Be up-to-date in your subject area. Make sure to keep updating your knowledge and the latest trends in your core area. In this way, you can fill in any voids in your expertise and have a better understanding. 

Make an effort to participate in digital discussions that take place on platforms like Quora. Thereby promote your online course and help people by answering their questions. Your answer functions as the basis of your authority. By answering them, you get to know their genuine concerns in the subject matter. You can use the option to link your website.

Promote courses online

Identify the persona of your target audience

It’s nearly impossible to market your courses online if you do not know the persona of your target audience. Every single business person has a target audience. But how to find yours? It’s not a big deal. There are multiple ways to do it. 

Consider your target audience as people who are keen to know what you share. They want to learn the subject you teach and are ready to pay for your guidance and instructions. Gather all the details available about your target audience through surveys or research and list down the facts about them based on your studies. 

 To create a customer persona, try to answer specific questions such as:

  1. What is his/her/their age?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. How much do they earn?
  4. What can influence their purchase decision?
  5. What is their interesting factor in your subject?
  6. What are their pain points?
  7. Where do they specifically spend primarily on digital platforms?

Based on your studies, attempt to answer these questions. It helps in including their actual requirements with the services you provide, which will eventually help in boosting your sale. Keep in mind that your target audience might differ according to your developmental stages in business.

Apply popular marketing strategies

Now that you have understood the basics, it’s time for you to employ popular marketing strategies to increase your sales. For that, you need a satisfying hook and a way to reach your potential customers. 

Since your product or service is online, it is crucial to create your own branded website as it is likely to be the first impression you give to potential customers. Keep it short and crisp, but make sure to use strong call-to-actions to get your point across.

Be active across social media as this is the generation of social media. Start accounts on popular mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin. Use them to engage with your target audience and promote your product.

Email marketing is still one of the most successful marketing strategies. It helps to generate, nurture and convert leads into your online courses. Send emails regularly with short yet attractive content to your prospects. 

Verified customer testimonials can always function as proof and can quickly build trust among your prospects. Hence use it wisely to promote your online course. Once you start selling your courses online, request your customers to send feedback. When you receive appreciation and positive comments, you can publish them on your pages and boost sales. 


A single advertisement cannot function alone as your marketing plan. Marketing is an ongoing process where you need to keep working by using suitable methods to enhance your business. Set your goals. Focus on marketing tactics that work for your product rather than investing in those that do not generate results.

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