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Create an online course : Who, When and Why.

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The online teaching business is a booming industry expected to grow and expand in the next decade continuously. For many people, tutoring online is an alternative to the 9-5 jobs or low income-generating part-time jobs available in most industries. If you are here, it means that you have been wondering whether to step foot into this bankable world of teaching online, but you are confused about whether you are the right fit for it. 

You may be considering who can create an online course or sceptical about its benefits to you. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. 

To figure out if you should enter this world, let’s start by asking these questions. 

  •  When was the last time you heard someone cheer you for your special knack in explaining or demonstrating things? 
  •  How many times have you heard your friends, family, or colleagues appreciate your knowledge or skill in a particular area of interest or expertise?
  •  Are you their go-to person for getting information and inputs on a particular field or skill? 
  •  Do people tell you to consider taking your knowledge or skill up as a profession? 
  •  Are you a teacher teaching through traditional modes of instruction, a student who is tired of working irrelevant part-time jobs, or are you someone jumping between jobs and looking for a challenge or some extra cash? 

In any of these cases, if the answers are all pointing towards your potential brilliance and interest in teaching online, then you must do it. 

Because as long as you have the drive and passion for teaching and the proper knowledge or skill to impart, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from starting today! 

You don’t require any particular teaching qualification, including completion of courses or possession of certificates. You also don’t need any formal experience in teaching the subject/skill before or for doing a job in that area. 

All you need is requisite subject knowledge, a penchant and passion for learning, teaching, and a professional attitude. 

All you need is your precious content and a platform to launch your online tutoring business and start your own online academy.

Create and sell courses online

Now let’s break down the benefits of online tutoring for you:

  • High Demand 

With the highly competitive environment that today’s kids are exposed to, students want to improve their educational standing and expertise. There will always be a demand for tutors that can educate and support students. Trends and fads do not apply to this industry. Therefore, creating online courses and setting up your own tutoring business online can be a sustainable and beneficial long term option for you.

  • The Rewards 

This is again one of the most important reasons why online teaching business can be useful for you. You get the opportunity to impact lives. You get the satisfaction of helping students from various backgrounds and cultures on a more holistic level since you can reach students from all over the world and help make their chances of survival in this competitive world better. If you create and sell exciting and interactive courses online, then you will earn a steady or growing income in no time.  

To make this process easier you can always depend on LMS platforms like Mykademy that will help you in building your own online course

  • Networking 

Since online tutoring is not restricted to a particular group of students or place, you have the opportunity to connect with students from across the globe. You, as a tutor, will learn more about different students, their needs and expectations, every day. This will allow you to grow more as a better tutor. Interacting and meeting other people will keep you on your toes and make tutoring interesting for you as well. You will be able to incorporate what you learn from teaching different students while building your online course to increase its value.

  • Cutting down Costs 

Another sweet point is that you wouldn’t have to invest much money in creating courses or starting your tutoring business online compared to a traditional setup. You don’t need expensive equipments, rented or owned buildings/structures, physical study materials, or any other costly resources to start. All you need to invest in would be for an online presence where you can sell your courses from your own website. This can be done easily with the help of learning management systems available in the market. 

In simple words, you will be able to reach your break-even point in no time. 

Online tutoring platform
  • Teach what you love

 Businesses find success when people who run them are passionate about what they do. By opting for online tutoring and deciding to create courses for your students online, you get to teach what you love while making an income out of it. If you have the proper knowledge and interest, you have the option to teach anything under the sun. As you instil your passion for the subject in your students through interactive, engaging and exciting courses, you will be recommended more. 

  • Convenient

 You can start creating courses from the comfort of your own home. It will eliminate the time, effort, and money you would otherwise spend on starting, organising content, selling your courses online, marketing, promoting and managing them. The flexibility of time and place allows you to create more classes at your own pace and for more students to access them. 

  • Authority

 You get to be the sole decision-maker in your own online academy. You get the power to decide how you want to run your tutoring business the way you seem fit. You can choose how you want to create your courses, sell courses, share resources, evaluate your students, manage your business etc. You know your subject well, and so you know how to best convey it. You wouldn’t have to face any restrictions on how you can go about teaching. 

  • Flexibility through technology

With the right technology and digital educational tools available to you, you will achieve the desired results that traditional modes of teaching can bring. Various LMS platforms like Mykademy are available with all features and functionalities required to set up and successfully run your online business.  Running your academy online can sometimes reap more benefits for you than traditional modes of teaching. You will have the liberty to share and interact with your students more efficiently and quickly over the internet. You can easily set up an online learning platform with the help of the right LMS support. 

You can count on Mykademy’s all-in-one white labelled platform to help you launch the best platform to create online courses.  

Mykademy can help you create, market and sell your courses to students worldwide with ease. To know more about Mykademy’s robust features and offerings, click here.

I hope this article has boosted your confidence to start creating courses and starting your online academy. All the best!

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