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Technology plays a crucial role in our daily lives. It has made a significant change in the way we live. It has impacted the educational sector as well. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, it has helped to prove the significance of digital learning more than ever.

In today’s scenario, online teaching functions as a saviour to millions of learners and educators across the globe. However, some are still perplexed about how it works, holding several misconceptions about online tutoring.

It is wise to never judge a book by its cover. Instead, read the book and understand the content. Likewise, try and understand what real online teaching is. Have you heard of cloud based LMS platforms that let you sell courses online? Mykademy is one such all-inclusive SaaS platform. It might sound challenging to run an online academy of your own. However, with creative content and the right tech-partner like Mykademy, you can master the art of online course selling business.

Here are some top tips to help you bring your A-game into online teaching.

Online Teaching Platforms

Design your online academy

Online teaching is indeed a mixture of education, technology and content. Ensure that your content is designed both creatively and interactively as it reaches learners through the internet. Your content should be relevant. It should urge the learners to acquire knowledge and help them to reach their desired goal. Customisation helps in facilitating the generation of various practice materials. This can help the learner improve his/her learning process and increase their chances to succeed. 

Master the art of online teaching

To rock your ‘teacherhood’ even if it’s online, you should demonstrate mastery of your area. Evaluate your lesson plans and teaching tactics and select the best approach for your learners. Notice how the content is conveyed because proper messaging is crucial in online teaching. Use audio and visual materials to grab the learners’ attention and evoke their interest. You should set appropriate boundaries, learning objectives and expectations to enhance the learning process.

How to start online teaching

Generate an engaging atmosphere

Once you launch an online academy and run it, maintain an engaging learning atmosphere as it is very important for your learners. So, remember to maintain a positive classroom atmosphere in order to accelerate the learning process. Your virtual presence is significant in online tutoring. It defines both your visibility and availability to the learners. Be supportive and try to communicate with your learners through all possible ways like group discussions, social media posts, forums etc. It helps to maintain an effective learning community and develop your professional relationship with your learners.

Establish a bond with the learners

Although you are physically separated from the learners in a virtual classroom, it should not affect the whole affair of  e-learning. All types of interactions take place via technology in an online class. Lend an ear to your learners. Understand their needs and difficulties, and act accordingly. 

Learner involvement is very important in e-learning. Hence, allow them to participate in conversations and share their thoughts and ideas. Motivate them to learn, think, work and participate in curricular activities. Never make your learners feel abandoned or isolated. Have regular interactions with them. Respond to their queries. Make sure to be available for them through e-mail because real entrepreneurs engage themselves actively in their business.

How to start online classes

Give and take regular feedback

Feedback is essential for the growth and development of any individual. While teaching online, you need to assess your learners frequently and give them constant feedback. Your constructive comments will encourage them to improve their learning activity. Give them the deserving appreciation and recognition. Also, ensure to gather feedback from them and implement measures to upgrade your teaching skills. Make your learners realise that you will constantly work on yourself to be a better teacher and give them the best education.

Utilise technology in all possible ways

To be a successful online teacher, you need to make use of technology in every possible way. Through video conferencing, connect with your learners, set specific times to host live sessions, give lectures, explain concepts, or meet your learners one-to-one. Use screen capture technology to exhibit what you are doing. This helps learners directly watch what you demonstrate, just like a traditional classroom. If you wish to pre-record your videos, use a webcam or video recorder to record and upload them to your virtual learning platform.

Make use of a learning management system that allows you to do all activities related to online teaching. It will let you organise your classroom, send notes, host lives, conduct exams and more. Never settle for those which provide regular tools; instead, check for beneficial tools like end-to-end encryption, course and curriculum builder, certification provider etc. An all-inclusive LMS platform is the best option you could have as an online teacher. This is the reason why Mykademy stands out from the rest. It provides an all-in-one LMS platform that consists of top-notch digital tools and enables you to launch your own online academy with a web or mobile application. 

We consider you to be at the forefront of this new age of online teaching. So, join the bandwagon like your fellow tutors did before it’s too late. We will let you succeed in your online tutoring venture.

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