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Tips for online tutoring during the pandemic

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The age-old saying “life is unpredictable” has become true indeed during these challenging times amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The majority of people are struggling to earn a living and, when it comes to education, the entire sector has collapsed due to the present situation. In spite of this, we cannot stop the system of educating as it is one’s fundamental right to learn.

Our education system continues to follow the traditional pedagogical methods.  However, it is uncertain to go back to traditional classroom teaching anytime soon. As you might know, the primary difference between traditional classroom teaching and online learning is that the learner and the teacher are not interacting face-to-face. Instead, everything takes place through a phone or laptop with an internet connection. Initially, one may find it difficult to adapt to this digital mode of education, but with the help of innovative platforms, it becomes easy to create, market, and sell courses online – eventually embracing the online course delivery method.

If you are thinking of making the switch to online teaching, check out our three top tips to help you today. 

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How to begin an online mode of teaching?

Are you good with your teaching skills but struggling to deal with the latest mode of online teaching? Juggling through numerous mobile applications to host live sessions, deliver notes, conduct examinations and to track learners is a herculean task. What is the point of wasting time and energy doing all these when you can easily depend on a cloud-based LMS platform? An all-inclusive LMS platform would enable you to pursue your online course selling business and pave the way to generate additional revenue. 

What are the perks of online teaching?

Affordability, accessibility, flexibility and life-long usage are just a few of the advantages of online teaching. The digital mode of education is easily accessible and can reach anywhere at any time across the world. This flexibility of time and space is the highlight of online teaching. It also tends to be a comparatively cheaper mode of education. With a phone or laptop and an internet connection, one can easily conduct classes from anywhere at any time.

A digital mode of education saves time and energy, providing the same quality of education for all. Teaching and learning have become less tiring as both the teachers and learners get enough leisure time. The acceleration of the learning process has also increased as students get individual attention from teachers through online teaching. There is no extra pressure for children to do homework either as everything is ‘homework’ now. 

Above all, e-learning has made learning lucid enough through visual concepts, thereby enabling the students to understand the syllabus thoroughly.

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Points to ponder while teaching online

This pandemic has taught us a lucrative side of online teaching. Make the most out of it with all of your great skills. Here are a few things to help you to grow as an online tutor. 

  • Choose the right LMS platform: Choose the best online course delivery platform that provides features and tools such as certification, learner management, end-to-end encryption and more. Also, check out the option of starting your brand as an online academy, a website and even a mobile application. If dealing with technology is the weak point that makes you refrain from launching your online academy, choose an all-inclusive fully white-labelled LMS platform that requires no coding or technical knowledge. This can make your online course selling business hassle-free. 
  • Design the course: Make sure you utilise all the possibilities of online course selling, be it conducting a live class or a pre-recorded video lecture. Try to make your online course relevant, creative, dynamic and interactive, which in turn will aid in enhancing student engagement. Do not forget to set boundaries, time limits and reminders, even if it’s your virtual classroom. This will help the learners to be more alert and attentive. Remember, communication is the key. So make sure to build a rapport with your students by including question-answer sessions and collecting feedback from the learners even if they are only a screen away.
  • Sell your service: Marketing plays a crucial role in the growth of your business. Understand the persona of your potential customers and take initiatives to market your service that would seek the attention of the target audience. Be loyal and trustworthy towards the learners. Be ready to provide what they demand. Always choose the right methods to sell your service.

We hope you have a clear picture of the different aspects of online teaching. If you wish to experience the perks of online course selling business from our very own platform Mykademy, sign up for a 14-day free trial today.

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