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How to craft a catchy title for your online course?

Catchy title for your online course

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First impressions matter a lot, especially in this digital age.

Think it over.

Whenever you see a blog post, an ad on Google or any social media platform, you cast a quick glance at the title and then decide whether to continue ahead.

We can’t help it.

There’s loads of content generated online every day, and nobody has the time to click and read everything.

So how do you make an impression that remains etched in the minds of users?

It all starts with the perfect title.

Here are our six tips to help you select that catchy title for your online course: 

1. Use popular search queries

Search engines store bulk data and sort out the most searched queries by showing them up in the first five search results. Start typing a few ideas in the search engine crawler and wait for the autocomplete to suggest the most searched phrases. You can get a brief idea of course titles that people prefer to search and enrol in the most. Another option is to check the search volume of your selected course title using Google Keyword Planner. This will help you to promote your online course.

2. Specify your audience

Consider your audience while deciding on a course title. What age group does the course target? Is it for college students or corporate people? Narrowing it down to a specific audience will make it easy to choose the perfect course title. Writing for different demographic or psychographic groups might require a diverse choice of words, tone and style. Try to keep it simple and easy.

3. Highlight the key benefits

Try to share as much information as possible to highlight the key benefits of your eCourse rather than sharing all the details in the beginning. Grab their attention first, and then attract them to read the rest of your course brochure.

4. Keep it short and memorable

Ensure your title is easy to remember. While there isn’t a particular length a title needs to be, it’s better to keep it short and sharp at the start. Your course goals and outcomes must reflect in the course title.

5. Make it read as good as it would sound

Can you hear yourself reading the text right now? Your title needs to read as good as it would sound. Say it aloud a few times to make sure you don’t stumble. If it reads good, then the chances are it probably is.  Make sure your course title sells your online training courses.

6. Handy course-title checklist

Before you decide the course name, here’s our simple checklist to ensure you craft the most compelling title: 

  • Specific to a group of students
  • Describes the benefits of course or learning objective
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Grammatically correct
  • Sets the right expectations
  • Not too long

A good title can make a significant difference while selling your course, but a great title will carry you much further in establishing a renowned name for your course.

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