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Why cloud-based LMS is the best!

Cloud-based LMS

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Cloud-based learning management systems allow you to access and use your online teaching platform without having to install any specific hardware or software. All you need to launch your online academy is a stable internet connection, basic equipment to record classes, and great content. 

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Great cloud-based LMS platforms help you save time, effort and money. In recent years, due to its growing popularity and undeniably great benefits, many independent tutors and trainers have adopted the idea of a fully white labelled LMS platform that is cloud-based. 

It provides many great benefits to your online educational platform that will help you to create online courses with ease. 

Here are some of the benefits offered by a good cloud-based LMS solution

You can access your teaching platform from various devices to create, sell or manage online courses, increasing your chances to earn by teaching online. Your students can learn on any device which can give them more motivation to perform better and complete their training.  

    1. Lower start-up costs, quick and easy installation: With a cloud-based LMS, you don’t need to make huge investments to make or run any hardware, software or physical classrooms to create the best online teaching platform you wish to launch. You can create, sell & manage your online courses from day one. It also provides a familiar experience to social media platforms, making it easier to adapt to.
    2. Adaptable to scale with your business: A cloud-based LMS is a solid investment that can adapt and provide you with the required features and support you may need as your business expands irrespective of size and industry. You can create an online course platform that is perpetually efficient.
    3. Accessible through more mobile devices: You can access your teaching platform from various different mobile devices to create, sell or manage online courses, increasing your chances to earn by teaching online. Your students can learn/ train on any device which can give them more motivation to perform better and complete courses or training.
    4. Capability to provide well-organised coaching/training: From student enrollments to providing course completion certificates, selling your online courses and everything in between, a cloud-based LMS get things organised for you. It automates your entire coaching and training program, making it easier for you to focus on creating fantastic course content while employee onboarding and student enrollments keep coming in.
    5. Cost-effective: One of the major benefits of a cloud-based LMS while starting a coaching business online is the savings you will be making. Since they are mostly subscription-based and customisable, you only need to get features that you actually want for your business and nothing more. You can always upgrade and purchase more when needed.
    6. The convenience of time and place: With just a stable internet connection and basic course recording tools, you can access your platform from anywhere in the world, at any time of your convenience. Your learners can also access the virtual learning platforms at their convenience, making the whole experience more effective in bringing you more profits.
    7. Help in building a collaborative community: Since you can access the online tutoring software from anywhere in the world, you can easily manage your business as it scales.  If your business is spread across the world, you can bring it together in one place efficiently. Ensuring consistency, seamless delivery of coaching/ training and evaluation to be done can all be an easy task.
    8. Optimised security: Cloud-based LMS’s like Mykademy provide top-notch security so that you don’t have to worry about stolen or lost data. They are encrypted and prevents third-party software from accessing your precious content or your learner’s data. This allows you to promote online classes tension free.
    9. Provides more storage: You get more storage on your hard drives and devices since all your data are directly uploaded to the LMS. Collaborators and creators can also share information on remote servers without having to worry about file or account size.
    10. No added software or workforce is needed to manage your business: If you are worried about how to teach online students from across the globe and manage your business without the help of additional resources like software or workforce, don’t worry anymore! The LMS provider manages the software for online training and teaching. All you have to do is create courses and manage the distribution of it through your efficient platform.

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