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Tips: How to sell your online courses to make profits

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Creating courses is easy and does not require much thought if you know what you are doing. Coming up with ways to attract potential learners and convincing them to enrol for your courses require ample thought and attention. 

This article is for those tutors planning to start selling online courses and earn money by teaching online.

1. Content Creation

  • Identifying your target learners: Tutors are often left wondering how to create a course and sell it online. People value courses that allow them to achieve their goals and targets. Create and sell online courses after discovering what subjects your learner base is looking for. Check whether they are looking for certification courses or career advancement skills that can boost their luck in the job market or whether they are simply looking forward to learning more about their field of interest. Try to understand why available course options in the market lack certain qualities, and how your courses can add value in those grey areas. 
  • Communicate with potential learners: Engaging with your potential learners can bring in many benefits. It will give you a broader picture of their wants and needs. You can understand the challenges they face and this information can help mould your courses and give you a better understanding of how to sell your online course
  • Deliver suitable material: Build your own online course after dissecting the average educational levels, skills and experiences of your learner base to deliver appropriate content that adds value to them. 

2. Focus on your identity

  • Stick to doing definitive tasks: Focus on a particular niche of learners and subject areas while starting. Juggling too many types of learner profiles or subject areas can be exhausting, confusing and can cause lousy delivery of your content, which will invariantly result in learners dropping out. The key focus when creating your own online academy should be to build a loyal following. 
  • Highlight your USP while creating offers to sell: Mention what makes your courses different from the rest. Use attractive titles like “tips & tricks”, “the best”, “time-saving” and “create profits” while making offers. This will encourage people to read more about your online courses and can direct them to your white label online course platform.
  • Create meaningfully structured courses: Take your learners through a valuable educational experience. Give your learners a clear understanding of the learning outcomes to expect and the learning process before you sell your tutoring course. This will get them hooked and wanting to come back for more. 

3. Curate engaging content

  •  List out learning objectives your learners can expect.
  • Create and sell online courses that are engaging and interesting by encouraging learner participation through worksheets and assignments. 
  • Sell your online courses by using bite-sized content that can be easily digested and is roughly similar in length. 
  • Check your content before publishing and remove unnecessary bits. 
  • Be more open to using video and audio messages to convey your course content and sell online training courses faster. 
  • Ensure that you give key areas in your content the importance it deserves and repeat wherever necessary. 
  • Set quizzes to test your learner’s knowledge.

4. Modes of creating course content

Selling online courses effectively requires a good plan as to the type of content you aim to share. Create easy and accessible content in formats like PDF and PowerPoint presentations if you don’t want to use industry-standard authoring platforms. 

Creating content in PDF format will allow you to make files read-only or read-write with areas that learners can edit. This contributes to a basic level of interactivity whereby learners can take notes or answer questions within the PDF.

5. Choosing the right platform

After creating your course content, you must choose a method by which you plan on selling your online course. You must decide whether you want to start selling through a website owned by other parties or whether you want to sell courses from your own website

The most effective way to teach and earn is to sell courses online through your own website. This will give you the freedom to run your own online academy the way you feel fit. To create, sell and manage your courses effectively, you can seek the help of good white label learning platforms

Choose an all-in-one LMS that gives you added functionality and freedom in effectively managing your own online academy.  A good LMS will provide easy means to create your content. A good support team provided by the LMS platform means good support in every aspect of running your online academy with ease. Use the LMS to generate performance reports to stay on top of your game.

Create your own online academy in easy steps and start making a difference! 

6. Everything is nothing without marketing

Marketing is an important factor that decides the fate of your online academy’s success. Here is an introduction to the top tips to successfully market your online courses. Market and sell your courses for maximum profits. 

  • Your own website: Create and sell online courses from your own website so that you can provide rightful and timely information regarding your online courses and attract learners accordingly. A website can give you ample opportunity for SEO to drive learners to buy your course. 
  • Keywords: Use relevant keywords to enhance your website through blogs that are made about topics related to your online course as this will help you to sell your own online courses. 
  • Social media marketing: Make use of social media to do everything you can in order to keep your learners engaged and motivated to invest in your online courses. Start accounts on various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, and keep posting interesting content related to your course topics along with your advertisement content. You can project your website as the best platform to sell courses online with the right LMS support. 
  • List your courses on a course search engine: Do you see yourself asking how do I sell my course online? Various sites aggregate courses from different sources on the web and offer affiliate marketing channels to promote your online courses. This is a different approach compared to other promotional methods. You can choose them wisely and enlist your classes for effective promotion. 
  • Communicate with your learners: Communication with learners is very important in order to stay connected to their needs and wants. This will help you in making better choices and curating better content for selling classes online. Communication with learners should not end after the sale of your course. You must encourage your learners to leave feedback, comments and write reviews for your courses.

Read more on how you can stay above the game: How to promote your online academy in detail and sell your own courses online like a pro! 

Use these tips to actively make your online academy the best it can be. 

How to create an online course and sell it?

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