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Above the game: How to promote your online academy

Market and sell your courses

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This blog will help you to understand how you can promote your online courses for the successful reach of your online coaching platform.  

Let’s jump in!

Once you create online classes to sell through your online academy and put it out for the world, you may be wondering why there is no buzz around the awesomeness of your courses. Even though you have created engaging, bite-sized content with much thought, vigour and research, you may face this dilemma. You may start to doubt the quality of your online course content or be confused about why there is an evident insufficiency of learner enrollments. This may be why you are unable to teach online and earn money. 

Your courses may not be the culprit here. Lack of effective marketing can bring doom to even some of the best courses online. Suppose your intention is to teach online and earn money more effectively. In that case, marketing and promotion, when used in the best way possible, right from the start, can do wonders for your branded online academy.

Start your online coaching institute on the right foot. Embrace the power of promotion to stay above the game and mint profits faster than ever before. 

There are various important steps to creating an online course. Promotion is an important step too. There are two broad ways in which you can promote your online courses and academy to earn by teaching online

–   Traditional marketing and

–   Digital marketing 

Let’s start with why and how you can promote your online courses using the traditional methods. 

Promote Your Online Academy Using Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is like that wise grandparent with plenty of experience in life and a clear perspective of what works and what does not. 

Tutors who use traditional marketing techniques have found positive results for decades to teach and earn online. Still, as times progress and the internet takes on the world, tutors must learn to pick up only what holds ground in their online tutoring journey. For what it’s worth when implemented at the right time and fashion, traditional marketing checks the “old is gold” vibe!

Print Advertisements

Reading newspapers is a part of their daily routine for a lot of people. Print advertisements, be it newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, or journals, can be one of the easiest and fastest ways to bring potential learners going about their daily lives offline to your academy online. This will especially work to create and sell online courses in India, where newspapers have major significance. 

Market and sell your courses by placing ads on different sections of newspapers and magazines. Use catchy, unique, and trustworthy communication styles to ensure the reader’s attention and urge to contact for more information. Things you can convey are the success rates of finding a job after enrolling for your course, student’s performance levels, what they can expect from the course, exciting offers and discounts rates. 

TV & Radio Advertisements

Unless you are financially backed by a revenue stream that can easily let you spend on National TV and Radio ads, investing in local channels and stations is ideal. These modes allow tutors to establish the brand name and identity of their online coaching platforms through audio and visual elements and connect with potential learners. 

Hoardings & Banners

One of the simplest and effective traditional marketing techniques used to connect with many people in fun and exciting ways is by using hoardings, billboards, and banners. No matter how old traditions get and how new modern becomes, basic human nature and daily routines make these mediums interesting ways to catch people’s attention. Market and sell your courses by placing them in areas where potential learners crowd like public transportation points, recreational and shopping centres, driveways, and restaurants. Keep content simple, clean and effective with the use of little words and good imagery.

Free Demo Classes, Seminars and Interactions

Conducting demo classes is a powerful way to reach out to potential learners and show them what you have to offer. It is an excellent way to demonstrate your unique ways of tutoring and mentoring. This gives learners a glimpse into your tutoring world and builds trust so that they can choose the best platform for online coaching and learning. 

Organising demo classes carefully will help you to earn money by teaching online. Show them the resources and extra study materials that you will be providing. Let your learners understand the amount of research that has gone behind creating valuable courses. Refrain from giving them the whole picture. Give them a taste of how engaging and exciting your lessons are and leave them wanting for more.

 Interact with your students and answer queries patiently. Give them reasons why your courses are the best in the market. While you are at it, you can give away brochures and merchandise containing your academy’s logo, brand name and other details.

Promote Your Online Academy Using Digital Marketing

Using digital marketing techniques creatively can make your online academy look smart and your learners feel smart. Digital marketing techniques give you endless possibilities to teach online and earn money and to effectively win learners without big marketing budgets. Ignoring digital marketing is equivalent to representing your online academy without any audience.

The majority of learners worldwide have access to the internet, so take maximum advantage of this. Develop and implement online strategies that throw the spotlight on your website and mobile applications to increase traffic to your platform. 

Here are a few digital marketing tools and techniques you can use to promote your online academy: 

Video Marketing

Videos are the most effective way to gain learner’s attention. Start video marketing when you create your own online coaching institute by making several engaging, informative and bite-sized videos of tutorials, eLearning videos, student testimonials, and other resources. You can make use of Youtube ads and other ads on different video hosting platforms to gain more traffic.

Content Generation

Words can do magic! Create online courses to sell! Attract students to your courses using carefully curated content that proves why choosing your own platform and branded online academy over the competitors is the right decision. Prepare and share informative and well researched content in the form of tutorials, FAQs eLearning content, articles and study resources. 

Create content that is adaptable to all screen sizes. Give importance to creating your own online coaching institute with content that is mobile friendly since students have a tendency to access your content through their smartphones. This will ensure a smooth surfing experience on your platform.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google is the most used search engine by people of all ages and backgrounds. Even when learners have links to specific websites, they prefer searching for anything and everything on popular search engines like Google and Bing. You can make use of the importance given to these and generate more traffic to sell and market your courses from your own branded website. 

SEO strategies can help you short term and long term. Use strategies like on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, and local optimisation to make your website rank higher.

Email Marketing

Email marketing when used to its full potential can help you convert prospective learners into enrollments real fast. It is a very affordable marketing tool that is considerably cheaper than other forms of digital marketing. You can create and choose an email list from various sources and send information and updates regarding your courses and your own coaching platform including offers, discounts, and new marketing campaigns.  

Online Advertising

  • Social Media Advertising

Facebook and Instagram are two big names in the social media world. They are arguably the most used platforms for online marketing. Create posts and content to promote your courses and platform and engage with potential learners through these social media platforms. Use paid advertising options and also connect with influencers to promote your branded online academy. You can also make use of platforms like Quora and Reddit to engage with your audience. 

  • Google Adwords

Google adwords can provide results in a short period of time. These ads should be linked to keywords that are related to your online coaching platform. When users search for specific keywords, your ad will be placed at the top of search results depending on the richness of keywords used and provided by you. This works when you buy ads for keywords like “best online tutoring platform”, and users search for this term, your ad will pop up on top of the search results. 

  • YouTube Ads

Create an online academy and promote it through YouTube. Youtube ads can help you promote your coaching business effectively since it plays before videos searched for by users. Youtube has users in every corner of the world and is the world’s largest video streaming service. This means that you can reach out to all these users with strategically created advertisements. 

There are benefits and drawbacks to using both traditional and digital techniques of marketing. Digital marketing is more cost-effective and helps you save a lot of time and effort but like economist Kenneth Boulding once stated, “There are two kinds of people in this world – those who divide everything in the world into two kinds of things and those who don’t.” 

When it comes to promoting your online academy, be the latter! 

Choose all or a combination of the various promotion methods available to you to create and sell courses online effectively. Create a powerful marketing strategy that is future-proofed and can reach maximum learners to drive traffic and increase sales. 

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