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How does LMS help in new employee onboarding

Employees Onboarding

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Onboarding new employees can be tiring, time-consuming, and costly. If done without proper planning and execution, it becomes ineffective. Inappropriate implementation of employee onboarding can also affect the newly-hired ones trying to adapt to their jobs. 

An inefficient onboarding can also be unsafe in multiple industries if the newly hired employees aren’t taught the guidelines suitably. It can cause severe stress and money loss. Employees might not even pass the compliance training process if the onboarding process is done poorly. It might lead to demotivation in the initial period of their job and could affect employee retention. But, if done with proper planning and execution, the onboarding training program can pave the way for the new employees to kickstart their new job smoothly and firmly.

The onboarding process conducted through an e-learning management system is crucial in building trust and bonding with the new employees. It gives them the knowledge, power and courage to work well. It helps to enhance employee productivity and in creating a good impression about the organisation. The best possible solution to revamp your organisation’s employee training is to choose a corporate LMS to conduct the process. 

What is meant by Employee Onboarding LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software as a service (SaaS) that enables you to create, deliver and manage your employees’ digital training. Using an enterprise LMS, you can easily create multiple courses, upload learning materials in various multimedia formats, conduct tests, measure learner’s progress, and evaluate the overall performance of your employees. This makes virtual employee training faster, efficient, cost-effective, accessible and manageable.

Key features of an employee onboarding LMS include:

  • Easy course creation
  • Cross device optimisation
  • Content personalisation
  • Test creation
  • Easy learner evaluation
  • Digital certification
  • Automated notifications
  • Payment integration
  • Tracking & reporting

LMS is referred as a learning management system, training management system or learning activity management system.

Mykademy is an excellent solution for your corporate training activities if you are in search of the best corporate learning management system. It is one of the most trusted and loved enterprise platforms by the corporate world. 

What are the uses of an LMS for Employee Onboarding?

An enterprise LMS can be used during and after employee onboarding. The HR procedures can be easily converted into digital format. You can upload and distribute all the necessary documents and information to the newly hired employees via the LMS platform. Various onboarding materials such as rules & regulations, guidelines, employee handbooks, writing templates, and more can be quickly accessed by the employees through the LMS. 

What are the perks of LMS-based Employee Onboarding?

  • Easily accessible: This is one of the biggest advantages of LMS-based employee onboarding. Once the learning materials and documents are uploaded in an LMS, your employees can easily access them any time without worrying about losing the copies, unlike in offline mode.
  • Cost-efficient: Unlike spending over the budget for trainers, venue, transportation and other additional resources to conduct employee training, you can easily create and deliver the training course content without any cost. 
  • Learner tracking: An enterprise learning management system enables you to track the performance and progress of each employee. This aids you in analysing their skills and capabilities and can even determine the roles and responsibilities suitable for them. 
  • Asynchronous: Learning through a business LMS can be asynchronous. Once you have provided course content, learning guidelines and instructions, learners can learn at their own pace without affecting the work schedules or requirements.
  • Scalability: Whether you hire a few or hundreds of employees, the training through the extended enterprise LMS stays consistent. You can also schedule the training process so that everyone receives the lectures on time. 

Employee onboarding training introduces the new employees to the work culture and policies of the organisation. Remember, the productivity and efficiency of employees are directly proportional to the growth of your organisation. Therefore, the training process should be highly effective and enjoyable. To give a world-class employee training experience, choose Mykademy’s best LMS for corporate training that is reliable and easy to set up. Check out our website and get your 14-day free trial asap.

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