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Tap into the power of learning

We empower organisations to transform their training, upskilling and reskilling processes digitally. Determined to make a difference, Mykademy focuses on helping our clients find the solution to their business LMS challenges.

FORS Mykademy
Tesco Mykademy
NOCN Mykademy
Sport Ireland Mykademy


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A single suite for all your enterprise training needs

Close the loop on enterprise training & learning for your employees with Mykademy’s LMS software.


Create & launch your own branded Learning Management System for your learners in a minute. Start uploading your training materials and deliver them seamlessly. 


Unlock the industry’s best e-learning content with Mykademy. Readily available 1000+ e-learning courses for employee training and development.

AI LearningBot

Deliver AI-powered learning platforms to your audience. Your learners will be assisted with our AI LearningBot to help them learn what they need. 


Measure the effectiveness of your company’s learning programs. Our custom reports help you to measure the e-learning outcomes of your learners. 

Tesco Mykademy

TESCO partnered with Mykademy to deliver individualised messaging and increase user engagement

LMETB Mykademy

A future-proofed e-learning platform that is cost-effective and time-efficient results from the new LMETB - Mykademy partnership.

FORS Mykademy

FORS partnered with Mykademy to switch to a virtual classroom environment with LMS functionalities


Features that scale with you

Grow your business with no limitations on our powerful corporate LMS platform. Key features include

TESCO Partnership Mykademy

The TESCO Partnership

Mykademy collaborated with Tesco to enable site safety courses to 2000+ subcontractors.

Tesco Mykademy

The NOCN Partnership

Mykademy works with NOCN in creating a perfect course delivering and awarding platform for its UK, US and EU clients.

NOCN Mykademy
NOCN Partnership Mykademy
NOCN Partnership Mykademy

The NOCN Partnership

Mykademy works with NOCN in creating a perfect course delivering and awarding platform for its UK, US and EU clients.

NOCN Mykademy

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Best Extended Enterprise LMS

Experience the industry’s best corporate LMS

Dedicated customer success team to ensure your LMS training courses are delivered professionally.


Ready Courses

1 M+

Learners Benefitted

10 K+

Trainers Onboarded



Covid-19 pandemic was an eye-opener for all of us

It caused a significant impact on families, communities, and organisations. It was a challenging time, but indeed the best learning experience. We learned to survive and adapt quicker than ever. As we all are learning to cope with the situation, we know that organisations face significant challenges in e-learning that require cloud-based LMS solutions. We believe that together we can overcome any challenge. We create the best corporate LMS hosting solutions to deliver top-tier learning experience platforms for all our enterprise clients.

Covid-19 Pandemic

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