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One of the reports published by Harvard Business Review states that the outbreak of Covid-19 has had a massive impact on different organisations, especially in the customer service section. Their studies show that the frequency of ‘difficult’ customer service calls has more than doubled by March 2020. With the pandemic creating new challenges in when, where, and how we work, organisations should discover new ways to help customers optimise their training to ensure successful product usage and improved customer service. 

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With an advanced learning management system, customers can follow an engaging learning journey and even monitor their own learning goals. In addition, if your organisation sells complex products, your customers might require guidance on how to use those products to achieve their goals. Nevertheless, why don’t you use an LMS with robust tools and features if it could boost your customer’s experiences by building more comprehensive product knowledge? 

Let us look at some of the robust e-learning management system features that will optimise customers’ learning:

  • Easy user interface – An enhanced LMS UI feature enables you to conduct the training and effortlessly manage the platform. If you want to maximise the adoption and engagement of your customer training program, it should feel more user-friendly. Online customer training platforms like Mykademy have a modern, intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Flexibility – An ideal LMS for customer training should have the flexibility to create and share learning content in whatever length and format you choose, rather than being limited to a certain extent. In addition, your admins should be able to add relevant content from any source, both within and outside the organisation. Mykademy is one such corporate LMS platform that supports any content you already have. It allows you to upload content in any multimedia format, such as PDF, ppts, audios, visuals, google docs, blog posts, YouTube and Vimeo videos, and more.
  • Mobile learning – In a fast-moving world, your customers require the ability to easily access bite-sized digital training from any device, as they are used to virtually accessing every other service in their day-to-day lives. Mykademy has cross-device optimisation and lets customers access learning on any device, including iOS and Android.
  • Advanced tracking & reporting – Automated reporting with integrated analytics help you track the learning patterns, probability of exams and understand your customer’s learning outcomes. Hence, choose an enterprise learning management system like Mykademy, which offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities and lets you see the direct impact your customer training program is having and make any necessary improvements.
  • Custom learning paths – To increase user adoption and retention of information, it is often helpful to give your customers pre-defined ‘learning paths’ according to their specific needs. However, this requires your ability to organise your training content based on roles, topics, categories, skills, products, and more. Customers can then choose the exact education journey they need. Tailor your corporate training course to each customer with a top LMS like Mykademy to demonstrate your understanding and appreciation of them as individuals, meet their needs, provide solutions and enable stronger connections.
  • White labelling/Branding – Make sure you choose the best LMS that can be made a seamless part of your brand by customising it. You can then set up your online training platform under your own domain by adding your logo, choosing your brand color, and creating branded banner images to easily integrate the platform and training into your corporate look & feel. Go for an e-learning platform like Mykademy that enables you to customise your products with your branding guidelines.
  • Security – While sharing highly sensitive content, you must choose a business LMS that you trust and feel comfortable handing over your confidential information and internal documents. Mykademy, for instance, is a trusted platform for corporate training that understands your concerns and knows how valuable your data is. Mykademy offers a highly secured LMS platform where your data is never at risk.

Why choose Mykademy for your Customer Training program?

Mykademy is an all-inclusive, feature-rich, and scalable LMS platform that helps fast-growing companies with high-complexity products seamlessly train employees, customers, and partners. It’s highly secure cloud-based LMS platform lets you onboard faster, train better, and retain more customers with its powerful features.

Mykademy supports any multimedia format in content creation and management. It allows you to easily integrate with your existing tools to access everything from one single dashboard at the right time. The platform is always up-to-date and is accessible from anywhere, at any time on any device.

Grab the opportunity to train your customers with the top training management system. Use Mykademy’s best LMS platform to unlock the tacit knowledge of your customers, partners, and employees and make learning a daily routine that drives engagement and performance. Request a 14-day free demo today.

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