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Extended enterprise LMS and its role as a driver for business success

Extended enterprise LMS

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Extended enterprise training: any training efforts that are targeted at learners outside of an organisation like clients, partners, distributors, resellers, etc. 

The aim is to ensure that an organisation’s extended workforce has a thorough understanding and knowledge of its ideas, vision, goals, ethics, products and services. Extended enterprise training focuses on impacting measurable behavioural change of non-employees of the organisation.

Extended Enterprise LMS makes it exceptionally clear and simple to develop, deliver, track and manage the training programs that can help drive organisational success. 

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Why extended enterprise training is crucial for your business?

Since most organisations rely on extended enterprise, training them is a powerful strategy that can help improve sales and increase your business’s profits. 

Irrespective of the scale of your business and whether you have few or hundreds, and thousands of partners or customers, training these groups should be an integral part of your growth strategy. 

Customer training, partner training etc., can add value to your organisation by empowering well-informed and up-to-date partners, associates and clients. Corporate training for these groups should also be practised at all stages of their life cycles and not just in the beginning. 

An extended enterprise LMS can benefit industries with diverse needs. For example, a retail organisation might require Enterprise LMS to train their employees to gain new skills and stay up-to-date with industry standards. This will lead to higher productivity from capable and highly motivated employees. Meanwhile, an accounting software company, for example, would require enterprise learning management systems to deliver onboarding and ongoing training to their partners and customers regarding the software. Well-informed customers mean that they will become specialists and can recommend the software to many more people. There are many benefits to extended enterprise training. 

Benefits to extended enterprise training

  • Lower costs: Giving them the right training reduces the knowledge gap and possibilities of contacting customer support leading to reduced support interactions. 
  • Reduced risk: Strong enterprise training improves communication and reduces chances of errors, and ensures proper compliance to rules and regulations. 
  • Helps in the creation of a stronger brand: Extended workforce corporate training provided on products and services makes them better brand ambassadors and increases visibility in the industry to drive more business. 
  • Drives revenue: Partner training leads to a better understanding of your organisation, distributor training can help them understand what they are selling to sell more, and satisfied customers can get you more referrals. 
  • Consistent customer experience: It gives you more control over the type of experiences your clients will receive from all external partners.
  • Improves business processes: It makes it easy to track learning experiences and to provide quality feedback. 

Role of LMS in transforming extended enterprise training

Here are a few benefits of extended enterprise learning management systems: 

  • Providing a unique learner experience: Tailor-made solutions to the audience’s needs improve consistency and enhance the organisation’s image. 
  • Increase organisation’s revenue: Effective training will make them more familiar with your products and services, eventually driving better and more sales. 
  • Eliminate redundancy: Significantly reduces manual work and tasks that are repetitive, saving you more time and effort, which can be put into more complex activities. 
  • Reduce costs: All features and functionalities are provided by the parent system and additional charges are not required to be made. 
  • Management under one system: Improves the ability to create sub-platforms with unique hierarchy and training content. Administrators will be able to manage and navigate easier and quicker.
  • Share courses across multiple platforms: Course sharing features will allow you to share courses across multiple platforms easily and efficiently with just a few clicks. This prevents you from having to build courses from scratch.
  • Customisation: You can customise the look and feel of the platform to match the audience and unique branding. A good LMS will provide a fully white labelled platform that customises colours, logos, etc,.
  • Track and report learner progress: It gives you the ability to generate automated, timely reports to provide feedback so that the entire team can stay above the game.
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention: If customers are not using products to their full potential, you run the risk of losing customers. Customer satisfaction with a robust corporate learning management system will ensure loyalty and customer retention. 

While choosing an LMS system for business, the most important thing to keep in mind is to evaluate the capabilities of the extended enterprise training platform. Thoroughly check to see if your LMS supports features that compliments the benefits discussed above.

Final thoughts

Training your extended workforce will help you drive additional revenue if done correctly. You can also minimise the risk of losing customers to your competitors. However, training numerous audiences under a single training platform can be a tedious task. That is precisely why you need to ensure that the corporate LMS you choose fits all your needs and is future-ready with the best technology! 

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