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Best LMS for corporate training

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Organisations always have a high demand for training their employees, partners and customers. Investments in corporate training to automate the employee training process has seen a drastic hike, especially in the current trend of remote working environments owing to the pandemic. 

When businesses operate from different locations, it becomes difficult to deliver effective training. That is where a Learning Management System becomes the best solution to tackle this issue. It is essential for corporates to have software that automates training efficiently to streamline the process of leading to better profit. 

Train your employees, partners and customers with Mykademy’s robust LMS solution. Create, manage and track corporate training programs to effectively achieve all your learning goals at one place, anywhere, anytime.

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5 Key steps in choosing the best LMS software for corporate training:

  1. Identify audience, subject areas and scale: Identify the different human resources you require to train in your organisation, the different programs you will need to curate or convert to an online medium, and the reach of these programs.
  2. Determine features needed: Focus on and list down all the features you need in an online training platform to effectively train your human resources.
  3. Do your market research: Do thorough research to find corporate e-learning platforms that are performing well to bring success to organisations.
  4. Evaluate the options: Evaluate all the LMS training platforms individually and analyse their software to know its strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Choose your LMS: Check client reviews and testimonials to ensure that the corporate LMS you are considering has all the capabilities you require or desire in your corporate training journey.

While choosing an LMS for training companies is considered tedious due to a never-ending process of research, we here have made tasks easier for you! 

If your organisation’s success depends on how well your human resources are trained, informed and equipped to perform and function according to industry/government laws and standards, you require nothing but the best corporate learning management system. One that you can count on to train employees, partners and customers the best way possible. 

The solution – simple – Mykademy! 

Mykademy allows your organisation to experience state-of-the-art technology and innovative design solutions that can help train your employees with the right tools to engage and connect users for maximum gains. From compliance training to job training and from performance management to certifications, we present you with only the best solutions. 

Wondering what makes Mykademy one of the best corporate LMS providers

Here’s why! 

Different industries have different training and compliance requirements. Using a cloud-based LMS like Mykademy for corporate training will help you provide better training and service to your employees and stakeholders. It is a comprehensive LMS solution that is trusted by companies big and small alike. Since each of your employees may have specific development needs, Mykademy’s tailored learning paths, course library options, and features will ensure growth systematically. 

Any good enterprise LMS software will have the following features mentioned below:   

1. Customisable LMS branding  

Your learning management system should represent your business. Your training platform should be as flexible as possible in order to adopt changes in courses or management. 

Mykademy aims to provide you with a platform that reflects the look and feel of your organisation by giving you a wide range of options to choose from or customise your own. It also provides you with robust features that can adapt to change effortlessly. 

2. Make learning personal and promote engagement. 

Online corporate training should be made personal since different employees have different developmental needs. It should also be made engaging so as to motivate an organisations workforce to give their best. Providing opportunities for members or users to interact with each other and providing them with resources that are easily accessible will increase the value of training. 

Mykademy delivers unrivalled learning experiences that are tailored to enhance user engagement. It provides users with an opportunity to interact and engage in increasing productivity. 

3. On-time reports and analytics 

Whatever online corporate training is provided at your organisation should be measured and tracked to confirm that your training resources are effective and to identify areas for improvement. 

Mykademy provides dynamic and robust tracking so that you can ensure that your training is effective. Mykademy’s learning experience is modern, consistent and ever-evolving with unmatched analytics and reporting.

4. Learning made available on any device

Learners today expect a personalised learning experience that can be readily and easily available to them in the palm of their hands. They require an intuitive and engaging user experience from their LMS for training purposes. 

Mykademy’s focus is to track and deliver content efficiently regardless of where learning occurs. Mykademy’s feature-rich platform enables users to access courses and training programs from anywhere using any device like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. 

5. LMS integrations and extensions

The best learning management systems will be packed with features that will lead to organisational learning success. This can be achieved by incorporating third party integrations and extensions to increase the productivity of corporate training

Mykademy gives you access to video conferencing, course authoring tools, webinar hosting, third party marketing tools, gamification and much more! 

6. Support e-commerce 

One of the benefits of an online corporate training platform should be the option to support e-commerce. Your enterprise training platform should give you the opportunity to sell your courses and training programs if needed. 

Mykademy provides an effective e-commerce LMS for corporates. With Mykademy, your organisation can sell courses and training programs securely with ease. Users get enrolled to courses automatically after purchase. Using Mykademy, you get to scale your training program’s reach, target audience and the revenue you can generate from the productivity of your human resources. 

Mykademy encompasses all of these features and more to give you the smoothest and most effortless solution and support in keeping your human resources trained and up-to-date. 

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