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This article talks about compliance training, why you require a Learning Management System for compliance training and how to find the right LMS for online compliance training. 

  • What is compliance training? 
  • Need for an LMS in compliance training 
  • How to find the right compliance training platform?

1. What is compliance training?

Compliance training describes the process of educating and training employees on the various state, industry or company mandated laws and regulations that apply to their roles and responsibilities in the organisation. 

Failing to comply with these mandates, the companies could face big consequences resulting in hefty fines, litigation and even the forfeiture of their operating license. 

Due to these consequences, companies recognise the importance of complying with the various rules and regulations. Therefore, compliance training is one of the most important types of training in an organisation. 

2. Need for an LMS in compliance training

Compliance training LMS is a platform that companies use to train their employees on those regulations, compliance, health and safety requirements that affect their roles and responsibilities in an organisation. 

The importance of compliance training does not only apply to government-mandated regulations. Instances of discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace violence, environmental pollution, fraudulent practices, managing vendor relationships & customer interactions, etc., are high risks to any organisation. The HR and L&D teams must educate employees on appropriate work culture, safety measures, and legal guidelines that are to be followed.

Sometimes, organisations face difficulties in keeping track of employees who avoid compliance training. A compliance training LMS can effectively keep track of employees who have completed mandatory compliance training and those who have avoided it. 

The ongoing pandemic has made work-from-home (WFH) a dependable way of functioning for organisations. Training remote employees on various IT and HR policies and any other rules and regulations that the organization needs to adapt to is a challenge. 

An effective compliance training software that supports digital learning methods is suitable for the corporate training of employees to prevent and mitigate the various unfavourable incidents that can occur and their consequences at the workplace. It can help to significantly reduce costs, meet legal requirements faster, increase productivity and efficiency, keep courses up-to-date and increase employee participation. 

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Benefits of having an online compliance training platform

Given below are some of the benefits of LMS in compliance training: 

  • It helps keep your training and information up-to-date with all new laws and regulations in the industry where the company operates. 
  • Makes compliance training available to your teams at all times from any device and anywhere in the world. 
  • Reduce costs of investment and resources since it is cheaper to develop than physical programmes. 
  • Reduce risk to the organisation by meeting all requirements on time and keeping proof of training given to each employee. 
  • Ensures an effective, competent and compliant workforce. 
  • Good corporate LMS systems will provide you with the possibility to keep and manage all information and processes from your company in one place. 
  • Provides you with accurate reports to measure the impact of online compliance training.
  • Can provide organisations with strategies to improve employee engagement and motivation. 

3. How to find the right compliance training platform?

Compliance training requires the delivery of targeted, mandatory and robust tracking of employees that have successfully completed and not completed their training and assignments. It also requires quick access to comprehensive training reports to analyse data, identify gaps and prescribe remedial training solutions. 

So what should you be looking for in a compliance training LMS for your organisation? 

Look out for these features to find the right online corporate training platform

  • User-friendly layout 

An easy, clean and intuitive layout is necessary for employees and training managers alike. This will allow users to create, assign, manage and access training programs effectively. 

  • Regular reports 

LMS can be instrumental in saving time, allowing access to data in just a few clicks. Effective corporate LMS will not just tell you who has and who hasn’t completed training but will also show any red flags for non-compliance within the business. 

  • Transparency 

It is helpful if your corporate training platform enables transparent viewing of learning journeys that can be downloaded and printed for personal records. This will increase employee engagement. 

  • Flexibility 

The best corporate LMS systems will be flexible to accommodate changes to compliance training as and when required. It is ideal to invest in an LMS that has the maximum capability to include changes. Check how frequently the provider updates the software and whether you can add more groups, staff etc. 

  • Personalised content options

A good LMS will provide a fully white-labelled platform that lets you personalise your training. It will also help add personalised data like names of terminologies that are distinctive to your organisation, names of employees etc. 

  • Mobile access

Mobile friendly employee training systems allow employees to complete courses anytime and anywhere. 

  • Integration with third-party systems 

To create a culture of compliance, make sure that the LMS is connected with key systems and compliance tools. This will encourage employees to adopt compliance more efficiently. Integrating third-party tools and systems can make compliance easier. Top corporate LMS platforms flaunt this feature.

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