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Essential Features in an LMS to Enhance Corporate Training

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With upcoming innovations and digitalisation, most organisations, industries and multinational companies started depending on delivering online training to their employees. They have begun using modern-day learning management systems to deliver training that can increase retention and increase the employees’ productivity and performance.

An employee training LMS effectively delivers training content to employees in multiple formats, time periods, and sequences. As a vital factor of corporate training programs, the e-learning management system offers various advantages, from enabling employees to learn at their own pace, reducing training costs, and letting companies create customisable training course contents.

Key Features

A powerful corporate training platform should manage complexities and demands at workplaces and in teams. Therefore, choose the right LMS platform for companies with the key features given below:

  • Course Creation and Development – Choose a corporate e-learning platform that enables course creation and development within the platform. Having a wide range of tools to create dynamic content, deliver courses and necessary skills and add significant value, trainers and course creators can conduct training by allowing for cost savings by reducing the need to buy extra course development tools. Mykademy’s all-in-one LMS platform lets you create unlimited courses, upload learning materials of any format, including audios, visuals, pdfs, ppts and much more.
  • Personalised learning – Your learners, i.e., your employees might have different training needs, learning styles or technological abilities. Your enterprise LMS must have the ability to personalise usage through unambiguous instructions and easily traceable progress within the online corporate training program
    Mykademy provides the best-extended enterprise LMS that comes with intuitive navigation of the training content for the best user experience. It supports customised themes, styles, fonts, images, notifications, and more to suit varied learning styles and preferences.
  • White-labelling The online employee training software you use can imply a great deal about your corporate culture and enhance employee affinity and trust. A comprehensive corporate training and development program can be a big selling factor for job-seeking candidates. Hence, your learning management system should have a similar look and feel as other internal corporate systems.
    Mykademy’s enterprise LMS offers white-labelling where you can use your own domain name and logo, and that is why Mykademy belongs to the list of top corporate LMS in the market.
  • Learner tracking and reporting – Analysing the success rate of your online employee training programme is essential. Your choice of the corporate e-learning platform should have options for generating various reports that can provide an insight into the learning curves and progress of the learners. It should also enable the learners to view their test scores and their performance evaluation reports.
    Mykademy lets you track the learner’s activities such as the ability to track individual skills and performance gaps and helps to conduct corporate training seamlessly.
  • Assessment tool – Make sure that the learners develop their skills and knowledge and are not just going through training to get a certificate. Therefore, the corporate training LMS you pick should have an assessment tool to give instant feedback to learners based on their performance. Your corporate training platform must have tools to measure the progress of employees as they complete each task.
    Whether it’s through conducting exams, object sequencing, check-in quizzes, mock tests or group assignments, Mykademy’s enterprise LMS makes your corporate training more effective through result analysis and monitoring.
  • Certification – Digital Certification is a vital feature for organisations that provide company policy and compliance-related online training. This is also significant for companies that require more advanced certification features. Therefore the online LMS platform you choose must have the feature of certification. It should be able to design customised certificates with or without expiration dates and automated recertification to stay compliant at any time. Luckily, Mykademy’s corporate LMS provides the certification feature to issue a certificate automatically based on the criteria set up for the online exam.
  • Security – The corporate training resources must be kept in secure cloud-based servers that offer greater security. Before finalising an LMS, make sure you test the security of the online employee training software – whether the sign-in process is secure enough, what are the rules for accessibility and authorisation, and how data integrity is managed.
    Mykademy’s LMS for training companies is cloud-based and offers cent percent security to your content.

With Mykademy’s best-extended enterprise LMS, you can deliver effective corporate training to enhance the skills and knowledge of your employees. With the intuitive user interface and features & functionalities, Mykademy’s corporate training platform makes employee training easier for trainers, course creators, executives and employees. 

Mykademy is an all-in-one LMS platform that can be used for various functions, including onboarding training, compliance training, customer service and support training, workplace health and safety training, soft skills training, leadership training, and team sales training, and external training.

To know more about how Mykademy’s comprehensive LMS for corporates functions, get a 14-day free trial today itself. Transform your organisation’s employee training and development to the next level with Mykademy’s best-extended enterprise LMS.

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