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Easy Ways to Find the Best Partner Training LMS

Best Partner Training LMS

Best Partner Training LMS

Choose Mykademy’s online partner training software to reach your global partners.

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Is your corporate learning management system optimised for partner training? Believe it or not, there are hundreds of LMS vendors competing for your business, claiming they are the best in the market. However, not every one of them might serve your purpose. 

Unlike internal training processes such as compliance training & performance management; external training programs including customer training and partner training, focus on their actual needs. Online partner training software makes it easier to coordinate, organise and set up a training program that helps equip your partners with the resources and skills required to market, extend and service your offering on behalf of your organisation. Shifting from classroom-based training to an enterprise learning management system makes things effortless and brings additional benefits to you. In this article, let us discover how to find the best partner training LMS and how it could enable your partners to do great work.

Perks of conducting Partner Training with an LMS

  • An online partner training software can offer a standardised training experience.
  • The learning management software ensures to keep partner training consistent across your channel partner network so that everyone can access, learn and work from the same resources and information.
  • Training programs, if carried out on a corporate LMS platform, can offer top-notch learning experience for your channel partners. It can make them easily sync with your organisation’s brand, culture, goal, and vision.
  • An enterprise LMS software helps you train partners and paves the way to create a strong relationship with them.
  • Periodic training sessions on products, services, features, goals, and offers through an enterprise LMS can increase engagement, interaction, and revenue which would eventually lead to success.
  • Business LMS also saves training time by helping partners participate in online training sessions and their work.
  • An LMS training platform can surely reduce training costs by cutting down travel, venue, and instructor expenses.
  • One among the best corporate LMS platforms, Mykademy enables the partners to attend and complete training programs effortlessly from anywhere, at any time from any device.

Features and functionalities required for a Partner Training LMS

  • Easy user interface – Pick a partner training LMS that can delight your partners with its intuitive user interface, easy and fun to learn.
  • Customisation – Choose a business LMS that suits your style of training and allows customisation so that you can configure and personalise your training programs to fit your needs.
  • Certification – The LMS training platform of your choice should have a robust certification management tool to issue certificates as part of your partner training program.
  • Partner-centric – Select a partner-centered enterprise LMS with built-in features beneficial for partner training, such as video assessments, offers, updates, etc used for product presentation and improving pitches.
  • Tracking – Keep track of your partners and measure their progress by opting for a learning management system with a robust tracking and reporting engine.
  • White-labeling – Every organisation will feel more confident and comfortable in their own branding for communicating, marketing, and even training. Branding increases familiarity and trust. Therefore, choose an enterprise LMS that allows white-labeling.

The features and functionalities mentioned above are proven to be effective. They have positive results such as better and faster partner training, increased engagement, improved partner performance, and more.

Final Thoughts

With the right learning management system and proper training, your partners will be armed with expert-level product knowledge, enabling them to sell products more effectively. You can increase their loyalty by offering a formal partner education program, demonstrating that you are concerned in your partner’s success, and foster a stronger bond.

Mykademy is one of the best enterprise learning management systems that provide excellent features for channel partner training. It enables you to conduct channel-partner-focused training for interactive brand messaging, procedures, products, and services. You can also track and analyse your partner’s activities and evaluate which of them need additional focus to achieve competency.

Interested to know more about how Mykademy’s LMS can help you build a successful partner training program? Check out our demo and sign up for a 14-day free trial. Good day!


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