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Best Black Friday Marketing Ideas 2021

Black Friday Marketing Ideas

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Black Friday is undoubtedly one of the biggest shopping events of the year. 

Online retailers, stores and small businesses all await Black Friday just as eagerly as the online shoppers. This is one of those events that can generate additional revenue and boost your business.

As an online educator or trainer, this event can do the same for you! 

Teach online on your online learning platforms and shoot up your sales this Black Friday by using these marketing ideas.

So get ready to put up that sale sign on your LMS and attract learners across the world.

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Let’s start with a few interesting facts and statistics about Black Friday 2021. 

  • Black Friday online shopping sales hit a mind-blowing 7.4 billion, an all-time high. 
  • An average adult plans to spend $400 during the Black Friday sales. 
  • In-shopper visits on Black Friday dropped by 6.2%, making room for more online sales. 

How does Black Friday help you as an online educator/trainer?

Black Friday is a great way to start cutting down your course prices and grab the perfect opportunity to market and sell your online courses

  • You get to sell intangible products without the need to maintain an inventory, incur extra expenses or costs. Creating courses online has no limitations on sales, and your stock inventory is never exhausted. 
  • You get to offer the gift of knowledge to unlimited students at better prices and discounts through selling courses online
  • You get to offer immediate access to the product after purchase through your learning management system at the customer’s convenience. 

Are you excited to start? Brilliant! Read on… 

So now, how do you start preparing for Black Friday and make the most use of it until the end of Cyber Monday or Christmas? 

Simple. Start with your Black Friday marketing campaign! 

There are various options to join in on this frenzy. Here’s a list of marketing ideas to consider: 

1. Introduce great discounts 

One of the tried and tested ways is to cut down on your course prices and corporate training. You can cut prices anywhere from 50% -70% of the original price. Don’t be afraid to cut prices, you can always upsell your courses later. 

 2. Create course bundles 

Create a bundle of courses that are sold at a lower price. For example, three courses sold for the price of two (2+1 FREE) or three courses sold for the price of one (1+2 FREE). This decision should depend on how many courses you are working on and your potential to promote them. 

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3. Bring in limited time offers

Creating scarcity and a sense of urgency through a limited-time offer and last-minute deals can boost sales since it creates a fear of missing out. 

4. Free course giveaways 

Free courses are a great way to attract learners to your online learning platform. Create a free course or a free mini-course to give away to your audience during Black Friday. This can get them hooked and purchase more courses in the future. 

5. Physical gifts

Reward your most loyal customers with gifts sent to their doorstep. This can strengthen your relationship with them. You can send them your brand centred products or themed gifts to promote your business. 

You can also send gifts as part of a bigger and better incentive program for your most valued customers. You can give them extra limited incentives on your LMS platform by sending these physical gifts like calendars. 

6. Create new products or pre-sell 

Black Friday offers you great opportunities to introduce a course that you are still working on. If you are almost ready to send it out, mail your learners and the rest of your learner base, reminding them of the benefits of this course and what they can expect from it. 

You can pre-sell this course at a discounted rate by providing a preview of the course. 

7. Optimise your landing page or the product page

Incorporate Black Friday themes and concepts into your online teaching platform. Focus on your branding colours, CTA’s, and use pop-ups wherever required. Encourage your page visitors to subscribe or enrol on your newsletter and email notifications. 

8. Start an email marketing campaign

Start working on preparing an email marketing campaign at least two weeks before Black Friday. Invite a learner base to your online course website and introduce them to exciting offers, products and early-bird accesses. Use catchy subject lines and try to keep it as customised as possible.

9. Create flash sales

Flash sales can be a great way to promote impulsive buying. The best way is to create a “Deal-of-the-day” for a specific period of 24 to 36 hours. Keep a limited number of positions for your course and then inform your learner base. You will see them flock in to buy your online courses. 

10. Cross-selling and upselling 

There are various other online trainers and educators providing courses on the same subject. You need to project why yours is different or better. Promote your online course software by offering an additional paid service as part of the course purchase. Free consultation, VIP/private course, exclusive access to premium courses and downloadable materials are some of the things you can consider using. 

11. Make use of social media

Spread the word about your courses and offers through social media. There’s nothing as powerful as social media marketing now in the world of promotions. Share discount guides, promotions, and blog posts that take your blog visitors to the course check-out page. 

12. Prepare your coupons 

Coupons are a great way to increase the sense of urgency amongst your learner base and sell online courses since it has an expiry date. Create different coupons and promote them through various mediums like emails and social media. 

13. Build an exclusive Black Friday email campaign

You can make welcome emails, informational emails, newsletters and promotional emails. The best Black Friday email campaigns will incorporate a series of well-designed and targeted emails that can reach the entirety of your target audience easily and quickly. 

You can pick up any of the above mentioned promotional strategies and ideas individually or as a combination on your online whiteboard for teaching. Don’t forget to include a sense of suspense in whatever strategy you plan to use! Create suspense through gift giveaways, new product launches, and tell your audience to HURRY UP! 

You can also use reminders as a form of marketing for Black Friday! Use product recommendations and the usual SALE signs to attract more learners. 

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