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Efficiency is doing things right, and effectiveness is doing the right things.

Wondering how to sell online courses efficiently and effectively?

Your courses can speak volumes for your brand value. Contrary to popular belief that everything will sell in online education and training, people have bid their long due farewells to incompetent content served to them. 

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Learners know what they have access to and how they can get it. This is why you must stay up-to-date in the industry and provide the best education and training wrapped in smart marketing to sell online courses like wildfire. 

It’s time your online courses got a redo!

We have broken down how you can convert your “good” online courses to some really “great” ones. Let’s go! 

1. Make killer videos, use illustrations and incorporate quality multimedia

As years go by, learners across the globe prefer learning with the inclusion of multimedia in their learning process. Bite-sized video content helps get points across to any age group and increases the value of your online courses. 

When you create online courses, make sure that you don’t rely on words alone. Using multimedia can help grasp concepts better. Do not forget to use them wherever required. 

Great online courses on great online teaching platforms incorporate different varieties of media to teach their learners. It keeps learners engaged and increases the value of your Learning Management System. Some studies have shown trends involving usage of YouTube videos, podcasts, recorded interviews with experts, demonstrational videos, news and articles, increase demand for online courses.

Some of the different types of media include: 

  • Live-action video
  • Animated video 
  • Static or animated graphics
  • Photos, illustrations and graphs
  • Additional learning materials linked to the course
  • Audio files

These days, creating and using multimedia is not a complicated task. There are many applications and tools available to create the suitable multimedia needed for your courses easily.  

2. Indulge your audience in some tremendous interactive course elements

Take your online courses to the next level by using interactive course elements as the strong glue that binds your content together. Interactive course elements promote better learner engagement and critical thinking. 

Branching is an example of an interactive course element. Branching empowers learners to practise making decisions in a safe environment, by displaying a real-life situation. For example, in an online course for lifeguards, the learner is urged to watch video scenarios and choose the safest actions to take to save lives and protect people. 

Other elements such as the inclusion of gamification, tests, assignments, spot questions, true or false questions, mix and match scenarios, and multiple-choice questions, should be sprinkled throughout your course content to evaluate your learner’s progress rightly. 

3. Set achievable goals and make sure you meet them while you create online courses

We have now covered the importance of using multimedia and interactive course elements to increase learner engagement, productivity and value. 

As mentioned in this article’s opening line, effectiveness is about doing the right things, and efficiency is about doing things right. Surely, using multimedia and interactive elements can up your game and help you earn by teaching online. It is also important to use them in an intentional way to increase your course’s efficiency.

In other words, content is still and always “king”! Great courses lead their learners through the right content to help them achieve their goals. Always set achievable goals for your online whiteboard for teaching and make sure to meet them while you think about how to start an online class.  

You can use these tips to boost your online courses. 

  • Focus on one thing at a time. Give attention to one concept per module or screen on your virtual classroom software. Provide bite-sized content and include the use of microlearning depending on the complexity of your topics. 
  • Sequence your course content in a way that gradually grows in complexity about the topic. This will allow learners to grasp and sell your course better. 
  • Last but not least, only use content that is relevant to your end goals. If there is a solid reason why and where your content is placed, it can increase the value of your course. 

4. Make sure you actively participate

Here, mindset matters! It is said that successful online course creators find time to squeeze in a quick check-in with their learners right before dinner. Participate in your course and with your learners as much as possible. Encourage your learners to reach you whenever required. Set a goal to check in and promote discussion threads every day to help you build your own online course fruitfully. 

5. Ask learners to reflect

While straightforward assessments, quizzes, discussions and the inclusion of interactive elements all do great things while creating and selling online courses, asking learners to reflect on their learning journey is important too. This will help you understand where your course could have performed better and how you can rectify some errors. This will also help you in assisting them to achieve their goals more effectively. 

Get ready to launch your best!

By using these different tips, you will be on your way to creating the best online courses in no time. To know how to create and sell online courses, read: complete guide to creating and selling courses online.

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