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Recruiting new employees, giving them adequate training, and choosing the best talents out of it has always been tiring, but the post-covid period has made it highly challenging.

A study conducted by SHRM identified three crucial factors. They are :

  • “69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience great onboarding.”
  • “New employees who went through a structured onboarding program were 58% more likely to be with the organisation after three years.”
  • “Organisations with a standard onboarding process experience 50% greater new-hire productivity.”

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The uncertainty of the post-covid period made it difficult for employees to face the complications associated with seeking new opportunities. Providing a good start to newly hired employees can help them connect to the business. To ensure that they gain the full job potential, you have to create an effective employee onboarding training program that will increase the impact, induce a sense of belonging, and help them adapt to the workflow in no time. 

A corporate LMS is a powerful tool to streamline and automate the onboarding process to increase efficiency and help your newly hired employees to acquire knowledge. In this article, we explore how an e-learning management system can tackle the challenges of employee onboarding and training.

Create unified learning material for onboarding training

Numerous employees get onboarded on multiple days. The chances are high that HR professionals might unknowingly distribute different training materials to each person. Imagine a situation where a few new hires are given an old version of the materials that do not cover the recent topics. At the same time, others receive a revised version of the material. It results in the inconsistency of knowledge and skill share, leaving the employees in confusion. With a corporate learning management system, you can upload multiple versions of the training materials and assign them to the recruits, thus getting control over delivering unified information to all. A corporate LMS makes it effortless to deliver unified training about the organisation, its goals, values, and policies.

Provide role-based training

Having a skilled team in your company is always an asset and can contribute to your organisation’s overall growth and success. You should offer role-based training to help new hires shape the skill set needed to perform their jobs. For instance, sales training conducted for your sales team is not relevant to your production team. With an enterprise LMS, you can streamline training by generating personalised learning paths specific to the role or function of each employee.

White label/brand your training

Some of you might be wondering what’s the big deal about branding your corporate training. Creating a solid corporate identity by harnessing the power of your brand through your onboarding training programs is an opportunity to develop a sense of pride among the newly hired. A corporate learning management system can be an excellent way to achieve this. With a corporate LMS, you can:

  • brand your onboarding training material
  • have your own URL
  • customise your welcome screens
  • display your company’s name and logo 
  • brand-specific courses within the LMS

It will enable you to truly own your onboarding training material and customise it to your brand identity.

Reduce time and cost

An inefficient onboarding training can incur additional expenses and result in wasted time. Every year, repeating the same mistake by investing in ineffective training for new employees can put a massive dent in finances and lead to dissatisfied and poorly trained employees. An enterprise LMS can help you create practical training in microlearning, reduce the costs of classroom training sessions, and optimise the finances of content production and other logistics.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your training and track learner progress

Your training should be capable of determining if your learners are gaining and implementing adequate knowledge from it. Using an e-learning platform, you can conduct exams, give assignments, create polls & quizzes, track the responses, collect feedback, calculate and distribute the scores. It also allows you to evaluate if each employee has adequately grasped the content and helps you identify and fill any training gaps.

Irrespective of how robust your employee onboarding training is, you should need a strict evaluation criterion to determine if your employees are ready to take on the newly assigned roles. Use the enterprise LMS to generate reports and advanced analytics that can provide the insights needed to track how well each new employee is performing during the training sessions. Get reports on their progress, identify where they may need additional help, and make necessary changes to improve the experience.

Keep your employees updated

One of the fundamental aspects of onboarding training is to make the newly hired employees aware of the company policies, processes, rules, and compliance information. You must inform employees about all the codes of business conduct, company policies, and guidelines regarding ethics, administration, confidentiality, sexual harassment, and others. Since remote work is taking effect, recruits must be aware of the latest regulations. You can update and share the newly added information on company regulations and use analytics to track if employees stay up-to-date with the modifications by using your business LMS.

Final thoughts

Employ the right steps to succeed in the process of onboarding training experience:

  1. Design and develop a spectacular course strategy
  2. Analyse your course content and keep it updated
  3. Choose the right tool that works best for your onboarding training purpose.

An e-learning management system is a handy tool to help you meet the goals of employee onboarding training. Using a robust, feature-rich, and scalable corporate LMS can automate and expedite the training process. You can also equip the employees with essential corporate knowledge, information about the company’s products or services, and any compliance-related data using an enterprise LMS.

Mykademy’s e-learning management system gives businesses an edge. It enables you to empower your employees, provide them opportunities to grow so that they are driven to stay longer. With numerous features and powerful tools, Mykademy has gained its trust and reliability as an ed-tech partner for enterprises within a short period.

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