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How to start a successful online tutoring business

How to start a tutoring company

Create and sell Online Courses

A single solution to all your needs for launching an online academy.

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Firstly a huge congratulations to you! 

Wondering why? 

The decision to start your own online tutoring business is not an easy one. You must be someone who really enjoys the art of teaching to impart knowledge to the world and positively impact the lives of many.

Online teaching can be one of the most rewarding jobs out there that boast minimum set-up costs and time. While teaching online has many benefits, one promising highlight of delving into this industry has to be the additional revenue stream that can flow in. 

This blog tells you how you can start your own successful online academy in just ten easy steps with the help of the best online platform for tutors.

1. Convert data into your ally  

Thorough research can be the pathway to the success of your online tutoring journey. Knowing educational requirements and demands is essential to mapping out how you want to take your online academy forward. These are the areas you must focus your research on in order to create and sell online courses

  • Subject area – Area with maximum demand and in line with your knowledge and expertise. 
  • Target Audience – The age group, demographics and spending behaviour of your potential learners. 
  • Topics in the subject area
  • Your competitor’s content. 

2. Construct a solid business plan 

Successful businesses always start with a plan rooted in strong research, data and conditions. Create a written plan for your online tutoring business, clearly pointing out the strategies you will introduce at various parts of your business. 

A typical business plan consists of an executive summary, company description, market overview, sales & marketing strategies, operational plan, team, investments and financials etc. 

You should also create a course plan whereby you distinctly list out the order of courses, content in each, assignments, projects and submissions, required to be handed in by students and the timeline of the entire course programme. These plans help in making online tutoring platforms for teachers more successful. 

3. Feng shui your workspace 

In order to sell classes online successfully, one must create engaging and exciting content. For this, a tutor must be able to work in a clean, neat and organised environment. This is important while you present your classes to your learners. 

Your workspace must be free of clutter and have no prominent elements of distraction. Find a comfortable place in your home to set up your computer/mobile camera, audio/video hardware and desk. Choose a neutral background and an area with good lighting. 

4. Set up your audio/video essentials 

With respect to filming and recording, you may only need a smartphone or camera to start off. Later on, you can add other audio-video essentials like a microphone and ring lighting. 

Rely on secure audio and video conferencing tools online for editing, filming and sharing your video content. There are many options available in the market. Choose after thorough research. 

5. Create engaging content 

A question we keep getting from online tutors is – “How do I create my own online course that is engaging and interesting for my learner?” 

The answer is simple – Always keep in mind the mantra: Create an online course to sell

And what sells? 

  • Keeping your learning modules short and crisp. Break down tough modules into digestible bits. 
  • Hook your audience through well-written content. 
  • Use bite-sized video content to gain attention and increase engagement. 
  • Keep your content neat and simple. Try to connect with your learners using the feel of emotion and the usage of visuals. 
  • Include interactive elements such as quizzes, assignments, discussion boards, notifications and reminders. 

6. Find your LMS soulmate

There are endless options of online tutoring platforms and Learning Management Systems available to you in the market. The goal is to find the one that suits your purpose the best. Keep in mind to choose a platform that gives you the liberty to make decisions and informed choices when it comes to running and managing your online learning platform. 

A good LMS platform would enable you to create, sell and manage your courses efficiently with a simple and effective user interface and one that is affordable. 

Go for globally trusted platforms like , a complete LMS solution that enables tutors to create a fully white-label virtual classroom. It is ranked amongst the top best platforms for online tutoring and is affordable compared to its competitors. 

7. Establish your online presence 

Grow your academy online with the power of social media and the internet. Establish a strong online presence by actively participating in open forum discussions on various platforms like Quora and Reddit. Set up a Yelp page so that learners can leave reviews that can influence and lead potential learners to your courses.

If you aren’t a blogger yet, get started right away! Presenting points and content through your own blogs is an effective way to bring attention to your courses. If you are a pro blogger already, push your blogs related to your classes through your various social media platforms. 

Create a website. Developing your own website adds credibility to your online tutoring business. Ensure that it is user-friendly and up-to-date. 

Use the world of social media to your benefit. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most used social media platforms on the internet. Use it to post information. 

8. Fix a price & start selling

Fix appropriate prices for your course content after studying what your competition offers and launch your own courses through your own branded online academy. You can sell training courses online with promotional discounts and offers to attract initial learner enrollments. 

Make sure that you price your courses at the right price. Let your courses do the talking and bring your platform and classes more demand. Once there’s a steady increase in the demand for your courses, you can price them as you may seem fit. 

9. Promote your courses 

Promote your online classes using email marketing to inform learners about new courses, important information, discounts, offers and promotions. You should also use social media marketing, SEO marketing and print advertising to its full potential to see maximum results. 

You can read more on how to stay above the game: how to promote your online academy and make better profits, in detail. 

Check out the best online tutoring platforms that will help you improve your marketing game with the help of features like email, push and flash notifications. 

10. Sit back and see the money roll in 

Once you have gone through steps one to nine, sit back and enjoy the monetary benefits flowing in. With Mykademy’s robust features you will be able to create the best platform to sell online courses. 

Congratulations once again! 

This time, for being the successful owner of your own online academy. 

May your edupreneur journey propel you to higher growth!

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