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Impact of COVID-19 on the demand of e-learning

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The COVID-19, which resulted in school and college closure, made drastic changes in the education sector, leading to the massive rise of e-learning, where teaching is undertaken remotely on digital platforms. However, even before the outbreak of COVID-19, online education was experiencing steady growth. As per the National Center for Education Statistics reports, 34.7% of college students were enrolled in at least one online course in 2018, compared to 33.1% in 2017. Studies suggest that online learning has resulted in increased retention of information and takes less time, which means the changes caused by the covid pandemic might be here to stay forever.

After-effects of the pandemic on traditional education

 In order to control the spread of the coronavirus, countries started the closure of educational institutions. As per the education reports presented to the journal of critical reviews, 124,000 thousand institutions have closed so far. This has caused many uncertainties to learners, tutors and even the whole education system. The closure of schools and colleges has had a short-term impact on the continuity of learning and a large effect on global economic growth. The graph given below shows the impact COVID-19 has had on global education. 

Impact of covid-19 on global education

Firstly, it affected the teaching and assessment methodologies. A few private schools that were capable of taking online classes had adopted online teaching methods. On the other hand, some schools operating with and generating low-income had completely closed down and did not have access to e-learning solutions. It disrupted the entire process of learning. Things were not different in the case of private tuition centres and independent tutors who could not teach and earn money. Parents were also facing various issues due to the sudden changes in teaching methodologies. 

The rise in e-learning during the pandemic

Challenging times can bring new opportunities. Technology is considered central to the reformation of education and has gained unprecedented momentum during the pandemic. It is being perceived more as a remedy to combat all issues regarding education. The covid-19 pandemic has increased the level of online learning at all education levels. Due to the pandemic and worldwide shutdown, shifting to online education at lightning speed became inevitable for both tutors and learners. Virtual learning has become the new normal, opening doors to new changes in delivering education. The internet enables learners and tutors to expand their horizons and look elsewhere for better instruction or more teaching opportunities. Learners and parents have started to access alternative or improved content and not just stick to lessons specifically from their schools. That being said, online learning supports cheap, bite-sized learning — this could mean that many learners get a better quality of education.

Speaking about the pandemic and online education, we cannot forget that it was during this time that most of the traditional educators learned how to sell courses online and acquired new skills to become full-time online tutors. Many of them have become experts in recording lessons for learners and posting on Youtube and other platforms. It is to be noted that subjects of lighter passion like gardening, fitness, yoga, baking, etc., have received a wider audience during this period. Online coaching platforms have played a significant role in this increased demand as it permits flexible learning. During this time, people began to notice the efficiency and effectiveness of online learning, which encouraged more and more tutors to step into the business of online course selling and creating their own online academies. White labelled online platforms made the job easier.

The business model and method of teaching and achieving educational impact have significantly changed in light of this opportunity as it paved the way for the rise of selling courses online. The amount of quality content has also increased exponentially with online tutoring and is being marketed to learners worldwide.


The chances are high that even after eradicating coronavirus, there will be an increase in the demand for a hybrid learning model. Thus a combination of online and classroom-based learning will successfully emerge. With the world’s focus on virtual learning, this online educational model will continue to improve, becoming more prevalent and less daunting as the landscape changes. The future will likely include a hybrid education model that blends in-person classes with remote learning, providing a more flexible experience to all users. 

This new face of education will require robust learning management systems and skilled professionals to lead the way. Hone your teaching skills and choose an all-inclusive LMS platform like Mykademy to strengthen your career and teach learners worldwide. Hop on the train before it’s too late.

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