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How to start my own online tutoring website

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According to UNESCO, over 1.5 billion children in 150 countries stayed out of physical classrooms in 2020 due to COVID-19. With the onset of the pandemic, students turned to online learning in a bid to enhance their learning journey. In turn, businesses saw a growing opportunity to digitally transform their training.

If you are an online tutor wondering how to create an online course and sell it through your website, you’re at the right place! 

Eduprenuers are on the constant lookout for creative ways by which they can create and sell your online courses successfully. While there are many methods to go about this, a tried, tested and approved way would be to launch your white label online training platform. 

To sell online courses from your own website, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Study your competition 
  2. Identify your niche
  3. Choose an appropriate business model 
  4. Make feature decisions 
  5. Create a design flow 
  6. Develop the website 

1. Study your competition

Study your competitors thoroughly before making decisions for your online tutoring website. Research is a great helping tool that can assist you to grow your academy online. Take a thorough look at the global landscape of online learning and tutoring. Study top players who provide e-learning solutions and what they do to promote online classes

Make sure to build your online courses inculcating the positive parts of what your competition has to offer learners and avoid mistakes or shortcomings identified in them. 

2. Identify your niche

Take a closer look at your target learners because it will help you to create and sell courses effectively

Some of the key questions to seek answers for are as follows: 

  • What do learners search for? 
  • Which are the top courses or subject areas? 
  • Are they satisfied with what is available in the e-learning market? 
  • What are the ideal prices for online courses? 

Once you have collected important information regarding the wants, needs and aspirations of your target learners, focus on them to create your own online tutoring website

3. Choose an appropriate business model

Choosing the right business model for your online tutoring business can be a game-changer! There are many different methods to sell your courses online through a website. 

There are websites and platforms that will let you sell your online courses for a commission, fee, subscription, ads and pay per lead. Though these are all good options, nothing beats operating your online academy through your branded website. 

White label learning platforms are a great way to make profits. Sell your online courses through Mykademy, the best platform to sell online courses. 

4. Make feature decisions

Feature decisions are an important step to creating an online course and an online academy. According to specialists, a platform that fully covers all needs and wants of tutors and learners are rare to none. Tutors are forced to use multiple platforms and tools to ensure their courses are engaging. This makes creating courses and running your online academy inconvenient. To eliminate hassles encountered while managing your courses, it is advised to bank on a reliable all-in-one LMS that can make the job easier for you. 

List out the features that you want to incorporate into your platform and check if your LMS partner can accommodate them for you. This will help you to create and sell online courses more efficiently. 

You must also ensure to keep a track of trends in the market. Following trends will help in understanding the kind of features you want to include. For example, online tests and assignments are shown to increase learner engagement and course sales. 

5. Create a design flow

Pay attention to the easy and comfortable look and feel of your website. It is strongly advised to keep UX as your priority that includes good visual and linguistic play. If you do not have any experience or knowledge of web design and technicalities, depend on a trustable LMS platform that provides unique and ready-made templates to create a strong brand identity. A good design flow will help you to launch your online courses successfully. 

6. Develop the website

Next comes the development of the website. Your online coaching academy can thrive with the right help. You can choose to create your website from scratch on your own or you can depend on LMS solutions like Mykademy that offer rich and robust features that can be utilised to make higher profits. 

To get an idea on how to create and sell online courses, how to sell training courses online through Mykademy, and more contact us. We are always ready to help!

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