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Best employee training platform for small and large businesses

Best employee training platform

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Whether small, large, or medium scale business, employee training is an inevitable part. Despite the size of your business, the challenges of providing effective and ongoing training for your employees can be intimidating. Employees are the backbone of every organisation’s growth and success. Therefore, you must not hesitate to invest in employee training and development programmes for your workforce. Employees must complete official training to increase their performance and evolve into valued, high-performing members of an organisation, ranging from essential job duties to understanding an organisation’s rules & regulations to proficiency in using a company’s cloud platform.

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An employee training platform that provides the tools to author, publish, manage, monitor, and facilitate custom-made employee learning and development strategies, will benefit all organisations. Here’s how to find the best employee training platform for small, medium, and large businesses – and why it’s crucial.

What is employee training software?

Employee training software

Online employee training software is a tool that enables you to create, manage, track, and assign initial and ongoing training programmes for your employees. It has several useful features and solutions that run the training process smoothly. Employee training LMS is a one-stop shop for all your training requirements, including onboarding, compliance, customer, sales, partner training, and others. HR teams and people managers can also use the employee training software to create and assign training courses and track progress and completion rates. With various online courses, educational tools, quizzes, interactive content, gamification, and more, HR teams can standardise an overall employee training and development procedure across the entire organisation’s employee training methods – from onboarding to organisational development, software training, and more.

What is a corporate learning management system?

Although HR departments can use various software to create and manage employee training programmes, a corporate learning management system is the best option. The corporate learning management system (LMS) is the software that allows you to give your employees online training and learning content. Corporate LMS aids in the onboarding of new employees and provides them with the knowledge and skills needed to perform their jobs and, as a result, advance faster in their careers. It also includes keeping track of:

  • Certifications and licences issued to employees.
  • Progress towards learning goals and objectives.
  • Skills that need to be updated regularly.

What are the key factors to consider when choosing an employee training platform?

Employee training platform

While it depends on the type of employee training software you use, there are still a few features that are common. The following features are usually included in these online employee training software tools:

  • Online course builder
  • User guide and interactive flow
  • Personalised learning paths
  • User tracking and reporting
  • Self-supported knowledge centres

However, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for learning management systems. Consider the following factors when looking for the best LMS for your business:

  1. Content creation – Analysis of your initial training needs should include deciding what content you’ll create for your employees. Consider training as a road trip: you can’t choose a route unless you know where you’re going. Before you go forward, take a close look at the content you’ll be delivering. Consider questions like – Will your LMS emphasize certifications, regulations, or licences compliance? Is it more essential for you to standardise a problem-solving approach that all employees should understand? Is long-form macro-learning a better fit?
  2. Tools and features – It’s all about adaptability in development and delivery when comparing the tools and features of various learning management systems. Make a clarity in things like whether you could easily upload your in-house designed training courses to your LMS. Is it necessary to have advanced knowledge to make a slight adjustment? How user-friendly is the LMS platform for employees? Will you need to devote more time to training, or will employees be able to jump right in?
  3. Customer support – Customer support or after-sales service is crucial for new LMS users. Data integration, learner enrolment, course configuration, advanced reporting functionalities, and such are hard to master in a day or even a week. Even the most skilled LMS users require reliable and consistent help and support when shifting to a new platform. Because enterprise-level software, like an LMS, has multiple functionalities and abilities, there’s a good chance you won’t understand something or have a breakdown. In short, customer service is critical for LMS users at all stages of their lives. 
  4. Cost – Considering the cost of an LMS is quite a tricky business. Prior to making the LMS decision, know things like whether there is a per-user fee or does the LMS offer a package subscription (just in case your company expands in the future)? Also, check how many employees can be handled by the LMS and if it’s enough for your current and future needs? Your LMS pricing should take into account not only where your company is now but also where you want it to be in the future.

Once you’ve evaluated your training needs and gathered feedback from stakeholders, the exciting part begins: deciding on the best LMS for your business. There are countless LMS solutions available, many of which have been thoroughly tested by businesses of all sizes. Instead of wading through each LMS on your own, check out our comprehensive guide on finding the right LMS platform. It makes the process much easier than you can imagine. 

Why is Mykademy the best option for your business?

Mykademy is a corporate learning management system (LMS) specialising in multiple training solutions, such as:

  1. Employee training 
  2. Onboarding training
  3. Compliance training
  4. Customer training
  5. Partner training
  6. Vendor training
  7. Apprenticeship training

…and so on. It enables businesses to create interactive e-learning courses in a few easy steps. As Mykademy has Mobile-learning feature, employees can learn at their own pace and resume whenever they want. It also gives businesses easy-to-use content creation tools for creating courses that are consistent with their branding. Mykademy comes with all the key features and tools that are necessary for employee training, such as:

  • Unlimited learner enrolment.
  • LIVE sessions.
  • Recorded classes.
  • Multimedia content creation.
  • Online tests, quizzes, and performance analysis.
  • Digital certificates.
  • Learner tracking & reporting.
  • Asynchronous learning.
  • Collecting feedback.
  • Customisation.

…and much more! With Mykademy’s best employee training software, you can focus on providing a great training experience to your employees as well as expand your business to greater heights. Grab your 14-day free trial and take a tour on the platform.

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