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 A survey conducted and published by the Demand Metric as The Impact of Brand Consistency Report found that having a consistent brand presentation may boost sales by 23% on average. With an ultra-competitive business environment, you must do everything necessary to stand out from the crowd. Establishing and promoting your brand should be your first concern. We at Mykademy used our ed-tech knowledge to offer course developers a unique white label online platform that enables them to create engaging online courses for their learners. 

 But do you know what precisely a white label is? If not, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get into the topic. 

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What is white labelling?

The word ‘white label’ denotes a product or service generated by one firm which is then sold to another company who can rename or rebrand it to make it look and feel like they created it. The name comes from a white label commonly attached to items and on which marketers can fill in their trade dress.

 Similarly, a white labelled online course platform is an online training platform branded on behalf of another company. As a result, you may radically alter the look and feel of a standard platform to properly reflect your own corporate brand, providing a seamless learning experience for your learners, trainees, customers, partners, employees, or anyone in that matter.

How does white labelling work?

A provider creates a product and sells it to a customer who will rename it. Providers gain access to a bigger market through reseller partners, allowing clients to extend their product lines without creating their own.

 White labelling relies on anonymity. The idea is for the consumer to be completely oblivious that the product was designed or manufactured by a company other than their own. As a result, major brands have been able to sell white labelled products without their customers discovering.

What are the perks of white labelling?

To create your own online learning solution from scratch, you’d have to commit a significant amount of money, time, and human resources. Plus, the time you’d spend testing and marketing the solution will be an extra burden. Using a pre-existing white label platform always keeps the costs down.

 Any white label product or service like an online training academy, for instance, can be branded seamlessly and comes with a wide range of in-built features and integrations. You won’t have to waste time or money on research and development, either. All you have to do is customise the software with your own branding. In addition, your learners will be satisfied with a white label learning platform because you directly offer them a ready-made solution that they can use right away to meet their learning objectives. Using a custom-branded white label online platform saves you both time and money as well. 

 What would you prefer to do, after all? Concentrate on developing your primary business or on establishing a specialised solution?

Why should you go for a white labelled LMS platform?

To start with, let’s define what a white labelled LMS platform is. A white labelled learning management system is a platform that can be customised for your company, with your logo, URL, branding, and other elements added to make it look like your own brand. Rather than building your own LMS from the ground up, which may be time-consuming and costly, depend on LMS vendors who are willing to sell you a customisable solution that can be tailored to your company’s brand.

 When it comes to marketing, branding is a powerful notion. A strong brand is beneficial to a business since it attracts more consumers or buyers and also allows you to charge higher prices. Moreover, owning a powerful brand indicates that many people recognise your company’s distinctive qualities and firmly link them with specific values or a product/service.

 Investing in a white label LMS will reduce the time it takes to advertise and teach learners and provide a simpler solution with expert assistance. Because your end-users will feel that the LMS is part of your brand, such customisation and personalisation will increase user engagement. As a result of the trust established between you and your learners, there will be a higher adoption rate.

 A white labelled LMS platform helps maintain uniqueness as if you’ve built something from scratch to provide an elevated proposition. It lets you offer a seamless learning experience to your learners by enabling them to stay and learn from your own secured website. It also helps you sell more online courses or charge higher prices while standing out from the rest of your competitors.

Why is Mykademy's LMS platform special?

Mykademy’s white label teaching platform is specially designed for your training hub to look and feel like you want it to be. Whether colour change, font modification, or domain mapping, you can get a fully white labelled online tutoring platform with Mykademy. 

With Mykademy’s white labelled platform, you can :

  • Control the appearance of your portal
  • Have your own URL
  • Add your logo or favicon
  • Create your own branded homepage
  • Activate single sign-in option for learners
  • Set-up domain mapping
  • Alter colour and font as per your choice

One of the biggest assets of your organisation is your brand and you should preserve and nurture it at any cost. If you are searching for a white label LMS solution, Mykademy’s is here to help you with an all-in-one LMS platform that is tailor-made for your needs. 

To know more details, visit our website today! 

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