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Top 13 ways to crack marketing goals to promote your online course

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Hey there! Did you spend countless hours googling and pondering over the question of how to promote an online course? Read numerous articles that promised you foolproof blueprints and are still confused? Don’t worry. You are at the right place. Find out how to market online courses successfully just the right way.

To create a successful marketing campaign, you should consider a few things before you even create your own online academy.

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The first step to consider is knowing your audience: it is necessary to decide who will benefit from your initiative. It is essential to have a profile of your ideal buyer, emphasising their demographics, interests, financial capabilities, and social media involvement.

People will invest if they have a compelling reason or an assurance that it adapts and solves their issues. Always go a little extra to fulfil their needs so that you can stand out from your competitors and have a unique value. Another critical factor to consider is to invest in a great platform to create and sell online courses, like Mykademy. Create a compelling course title with the help of Google’s keyword planner or buzzsumo to attract potential learners.

How to empower your marketing strategies?

There are numerous ways to boost your marketing to hike sales. Here, we are listing out a few, but very relevant points to ponder to step up the strategies in marketing your online courses.
  1.  Social media : Present yourself as significant and trustworthy with the help of social media proof. Boosting your social media presence is one way to promote your online course.
      • Facebook: Most used medium to connect, with features like Facebook stories and live. Marketing can scale up with the number of people on your friend list.
      • Instagram: Being the perfect creative space, it is also a quick hit marketing tool. Sharing course contents like stories, reels, running polls, Q&A sessions, etc., pile up social consumers.
      • LinkedIn: Find like-minded people who have the capabilities to foster your growth. You can find entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees together. Promoting in this space will enhance your presence in the niche.
      • Twitter: Choose the best words to thrive better. The worldwide networking will help you engage a mass audience with your courses’ details if you promote intelligently.
      • Pinterest: If your course relates to fashion, home decor, education, food, or similar content, share images on Pinterest to sell your course online.
      •  Quora: Answering queries is one of the best ways to stay connected to your prospects and promote your online course.
  2.  Promote through podcasts: Podcasts are the most potent audio presence included in the marketing tips for coaching institutes. Give insights into your course in episodes and set up a call to action for your websites. Get interviewed on podcasts which can also drive a wide range of audiences.
  3.  Influencer marketing: An influencer with access to a large, targeted audience would come to the rescue while promoting the online tutoring business since their word of mouth can shoot up sales drastically. It can be through YouTube channels, guest bloggers, Instagram pages or Facebook groups.
  4.  Testimonials and other reviews: Posting positive feedback from the learner’s end on the course page and blogs would benefit from marketing your online course since it can instil confidence in your prospects.
  5.  Affiliated Marketing: Join other entrepreneurs and reap a double benefit. There can be room for new information on trends and tips to create and sell your online academy as well.
  6. SlideShare: Make a killer presentation on a topic from your course content and host it on SlideShare, enabling students to discover your course.
  7. Advertise your course via Google and Facebook ads: Create compelling ads to drive traffic from web searches and social media posts.
  8. Build an Email list: Any marketing strategy would be incomplete without an Email list. You can build an email list by sharing sign up links on your social media and other channels directed to your targeted user base. Create engaging emails detailing your course specifics and regularly mail them to sustain their interest.
  9. SEO: Getting your course to rank in a Google search is probably one of the best ways to gain momentum. Most LMS providers like Mykademy will have dedicated SEO settings to target the right audience using niche-specific keywords.
  10.  Give your audience a taste of your course: Leverage eBooks and sample courses and link them to your course page. Knowing what they are paying for in advance will encourage learners to buy your course.
  11.  Course bundles: Selling your courses as bundles than individually will help boost sales. Give a sense of ‘saving’ to the buyers with this strategy. Merge multiple courses into a single package and market it like hotcakes. This is a highly suggested marketing method.
  12.  Push notifications & flash messages: Push notifications and flash messages are alerts that pop up informing the learner regarding any communications from the admin. Use these methods to notify your course updates.
  13. Coupon codes & Offers: There is an in-built coupon code maker in a few LMS platforms that enable you to offer coupons to your audience. Discount coupons are a great way to attract learners into buying your course.

As stated earlier, a great LMS platform will help you to fine-tune the promotion and marketing of your course by integrating these tactics effectively. There are a lot of online platforms that empower you to tackle this efficiently such as Mykademy where you get a dedicated team assisting you to promote and sell your online course. Having enormous knowledge and channelling it to the most beneficial way is the virtue of success. As the saying goes, “if you are good at something, do not do it for free”.

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