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How does LMS benefit the new normal (WFH) in corporate training?

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Working from home was a not-so-common work style in the pre-covid period. Earlier, not many companies encouraged their employees to work from the comfort of their homes. But now, the plates have changed. Organisations urge their staff to stay away from office premises and suggest working from home.

Many studies have revealed that work-from-home has steadily increased than ever before. As per the research by Global Workplace Analytics [1], there has been a 140% hike in the work-from-home model since 2005.

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Trainers, institutes and organisations struggled when pandemic brought the unexpected change. People started to look for alternative options to run their businesses. Digital platforms were the most economical and convenient choice. Companies started to use virtual learning for corporate training needs regardless of their business size.


LMS is a revolutionary software that enables the user to manage all training needs from a single point. Multiple applications increase the workload and pressure of controlling the online training program. The trainer is always concerned about whether the training is delivered successfully. A learning management system is the best option to operate remote learning. Companies have started incorporating the LMS system to monitor their stakeholders’ work-from-home activities.

During the Covid period, corporate training massively faced troubles training their stakeholders. Organisational activities were beautifully balanced when the LMS system was used in managing corporate training programs. It enabled trainers and learners to access online training effectively.

LMS helps white-labelling your training academy, which accentuates your brand name. Users can simply drag and drop to adjust the dashboard settings. No coding skills are required to create and launch an online academy. Learning Management System enables to conduct LIVE sessions, host exam/quiz, integrate everyday apps, SCORM facility, multiple admin access, end-to-end content encryption, fee collection, invoice generation, certifications, and so much more.

The pros are many. Let’s dive in.

To stay connected

Working from home has become a part of many lives, and people have started adapting to this culture. However, it isn’t easy to maintain a healthy work style when everyone is scattered around. There are numerous platforms available to balance multiple tasks. An LMS is a single-suite for managing all these tasks easily and efficiently. Everyone can collectively work with their colleagues, regardless of location barriers.

Learn or work from anywhere at anytime

The mobile learning facility gives access to trainees to attend their sessions from any device with an internet connection. Remote learning has displayed productivity and growth in many organisations. Chatroom, discussion space, and polls can be used to communicate effectively. Trainees have the convenience to learn at their pace and comfort.

Save resources

As stated earlier, an LMS system helps cut down resources and save time and cost involved in traditional training methods. Online training reduces the travel expenses involved to almost zero. It is also an eco-friendly solution that positively impacts the organisation. The plenty of time consumed while travelling up and down to work can be slashed. In turn, this time can be utilised to learn from home. Conventional training methods involve seating, cooling and other resources, whereas all these could be removed in online training mode. No resource damage can occur while learning online. The main element for learning online is a good device (mobile, tab, laptop, desktop) with a steady internet connection.

Maintain business flow

An LMS system never breaks an organisation’s business flow. Instead, it drives more productivity and growth, resulting in success. All the learners’ or trainees’ activities can be tracked and managed by the admin. Online training can smoothly run with a learning management system. Monitor the trainees’ progress with detailed-accurate reports and analytics. Instead of using multiple apps to run the online training academy, integrate everyday apps into the platform and run efficiently.

Educate or train from anywhere

Organisations have found online learning more sensible than the conventional training technique. The LMS system equally benefits the trainer and the trainee to access the platform from the comfort of their homes. Trainers can upload the learning/training materials onto the platform and schedule the sessions. The report feature enables to export the individual learner progress.

Blended Learning

Technology has taken over the world by storm. Organisations have adopted the work-from-home system to run with the changing world. Blended learning is the learning style of tomorrow. The fine mix of offline & online learning and an LMS is best suited for blended learning mode.


Technology has taken over the world by storm. Switch your offline corporate training to online with the best LMS system. Features aren’t just a few, but many. Explore the learning and training benefits and carefully choose the right LMS platform that suits your needs. The LMS system enables anyone to access your online corporate training program from anywhere worldwide. 

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