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How to choose a Learning Management System for vendors?

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Vendors play a crucial part in any organisation’s success because they are the link that connect the company and the customer. It is not surprising that a vendor’s expertise can make or break a sale. 

Traditionally, training your vendors was a yearly or half-yearly affair. When vendors from different parts of the globe converge at the business headquarters to learn and evaluate the latest updates and developments, such practices have become obsolete in recent times. 

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Vendor training has become a challenging task as many businesses have adopted the agile method of working and new releases and updates are launched almost every week. With the rise of online retail, vendors are no longer confined to specific geographies. 

A Learning Management System is the best cost-effective tool that can address these issues. Big or small, training is an important department in all companies. It’s essential to have LMS software that can automate this process because well-trained vendors mean better performance, leading to better profit.

Here’s what you gain by using LMS software for vendor training:

  1. Easy Content Upload: Organisations’ strategies and working methods change regularly, an ideal learning management system for vendors should provide hassle-free content regulation. With LMS software, you’ll be able to keep your vendors consistently updated by adding the content in various formats, including audio, video, and other document files.
  1. Flexibility and Scalability: LMS software provides limitless flexibility as training is administered and delivered. It is a vendor training solution that scales to multiple users and allows training vendors worldwide. 
  1. Progress Tracking: With the right vendor training platform, you should be able to track the courses that vendors have taken easily. This enables you to give valuable feedback for improving areas depending on their efficiency.

Successful businesses understand the importance of investing in a vendor training platform. However, taking the first step to spending money isn’t always easy. 

The first question you ask yourself: Which is the best learning management system for vendors

It is essential to weigh the pros and cons when choosing an LMS software for vendor training. It’s time-consuming, but the effort can help you save time and money during the later stages. 

7 things to consider when choosing a vendor training platform for your business. 

  1. Cost: When it comes to pricing, your aim should be to get maximum value for a reasonable cost within your budget. Stick to your goals and needs, make sure that you know the features provided and the current pricing of LMS software in the market. Whatever price point you are looking for, get a clear picture of what these vendor training solutions offer and how they stack up against each other.
  1. Branding: When it comes to customising, many learning management systems limit their offerings to logo and colour change but it is important to look for an LMS with endless customisation options. Your learning management system should represent your business and branding helps increase your user’s trust. Your vendor training platform should be flexible to adopt changes in courses or management. 
  1. Personalisation and Engagement: Vendors have their own unique skill set, learning style, and pace when learning, so the vendor training platform should support personalisation as it’s important that training is aligned to address their varying needs. It should also be made interactive and engaging to motivate vendors to give their best. 
  1. Learn anytime, anywhere: With vendor training LMS, you can access any class, from anywhere in the world, at any time. You can record your sessions, rewatch them at your convenience, and revisit your study material once the session is completed. One of the major advantages of the vendor training LMS platform is that you can go back and review the content according to your convenience. It allows the learner to retain the material better and enhance their overall performance in training.
  1. Integrations and extensions: The best learning management systems for vendors will be packed with features that will help provide high-quality training without hindrances. With seamless third party integrations and extensions, you can enhance the overall eLearning experience for your vendors. 
  1. Time-zone Adjustment: With vendor training platforms, organisations can now easily provide training for vendors dispersed across remote geographical locations. Remote vendors can access their training material seamlessly anytime, anywhere and on any device with an active internet connection.
  1. Customer Support: LMS software can seem challenging at first. It’ll take time and practice to master processes like data integration, adding learners, course setup, advanced reporting functionalities, among others. Mastering these areas needs time – which can range from days to weeks. Even expert LMS admins require guidance when adopting a new solution. Ensuring that the vendor training platform you opt for provides constant customer support is important. 

With LMS software, it’s easy to involve vendors in training regularly, thereby ensuring continuous learning. It helps your vendors stay updated with the latest developments and improve their performance.

Mykademy is one of the best learning management systems for vendors. It comes with all the top features and functionalities that can help you deliver training more effectively, leading to team building and business growth. You can also track and analyse your vendor’s progress and provide additional attention to them to attain competency. Curious to know more? Try Mykademy’s vendor training LMS today by signing up for a 14-day free trial

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