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How to choose the best online training platform for business

Best online training platform

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Employee training is one of the biggest priorities for any business establishment. Enhancing productivity and easing the employee’s transition into their new roles is of utmost significance for a successful business. Our society transitioning into the pandemic era caused a paradigm shift in the habitation of the edu-sector worldwide. With the advent of social distancing norms, on-site training and classes became impractical. Global social distancing efforts accelerated the widespread use of online teaching methods. Online training software gained utmost importance during the pandemic due to its adaptability and welcoming approach.

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With the introduction of virtual classrooms, business strategists grabbed more professional growth opportunities. The cropping up of various players in the online training platform for employees’ space caused a ‘paralysis in analysis’ for the budding and aspiring trainer community human resources management. Today, most employee training is done online, with innumerable cloud-based learning management systems for small/medium businesses competing to provide the best online training platform.

Businesses now have the option to set up their employee training modules in-house using training software for employees, thereby cutting the huge costs they previously had to spend on third party trainers. Employees can now refocus the time invested in negotiating with external trainers and provide an excellent employer training experience. A wide variety of business LMS exist, some veterans of the market and a few nifty newcomers providing excellent alternatives. Careful assessment of the suitable options catering to your team’s needs is of paramount significance so that what you end up choosing saves you a lot of money and time.

Online training software

While selecting the best online training platform for you, never overlook these vital factors. 

  1. Ensure usability for your trainers: The employee training platform should work as an intimate colleague who helps you, trainers, in every step of the process, from creating the basic course structure to handling multiple learners from different backgrounds. The ease of use will bring out the best in your employers, making them highly skilled professionals.
  2. Multi-device support: A real-world user might access the course contents from any number of different devices they might possess. A good LMS for small businesses should be compatible with other operating systems and web browsers, providing a similar user interface across web and mobile.
  3. Customisation possibilities: The best live class platforms offer options for white labelling and thorough customisation, allowing you to add your organisation’s visual identity to employees’ training software, thus providing credibility to your brand and overall learner satisfaction.
  4. Rich audio-video integration: Designing a user-friendly course involves the addition of multiple formats of content to the modules, offering a holistic learning experience. Online training platforms for companies should have audio, video, and slideshow integration as an essential feature.
  5. A learner-friendly platform: Your employees should easily access the course contents, give and receive feedback at every step, and get credible and usable certificates at the end of the course. They should also feel engaged in the class, with quizzes, Q&A, and live interactions that capture their attention throughout the course. The best employee training software caters to all these needs.
  6. Good progress tracking systems: You should be able to track your subscribers’ course work at every turn, giving you detailed graphs charting their progress through the course. The LMS should provide you with the opportunity to create recommendations and analyse the impact of training on business growth.
  7. Reliable customer support and stable software: The success of any employee training system depends on the reliability of your software. The LMS should have round the clock customer support, with stable builds and frequent updates addressing the bugs, if any. The development team should be willing to address your issues and find quick solutions.
  8. A price structure that fits your pocket: Online training platforms for small businesses should not eat into your firms’ operational budget. Most LMS providers offer various tiers of services. Take time to compare them with other providers and arrive at a system that provides you with the most features for your budget. You can also levy the complimentary trials offered by online training platforms for businesses to try out the elements.
  9. Industry-specific software: If your organisation is catering to a particular industry, you should choose an online training platform for businesses that targets your niche space. In such cases, the best employee training software for you might be the one that offers a unique tool specific to your industry. It is specifically crucial for sectors like healthcare, where a need for tighter integration to hospital management systems may arise.
  10. Ready-made courses: Pre-made courses and modules with minimal editing to suit your company offered by many training software for employees can be quite a time-saving feature that you should never underestimate.

Mykademy is one of the best online training platforms for businesses, which offers most of the solutions mentioned above, integrating the best online training software for small businesses. It provides a great variety of trainer-friendly tools that make creating and delivering online training for employees a breeze. Among its numerous features for content creation is an adaptable course management system with text, audio, video, and zoom integration for providing a rich learning experience for your students and an easy option for white labelling. It also enables the effortless designing of multiple modules and events within a course and gives you complete control to fine-tune subscription management for any number of students. A state-of-the-art security and privacy system makes it an unrivalled online training platform for employees. They also provide a full-time support channel and a growing community that helps you at every turn in creating your digital classroom.

Mykademy also provides various training solutions, such as employee training, customer training, compliance training, etc. Organisations can choose from these options and start online training right away. It has a skill library with a  wide range of ready-made courses for jumpstarting their virtual training.

The success of a modern business relies on the speed with which employees gain new skills and how fast they can understand and utilise the latest information available to them. A learning management system that is tailor-made for your needs gives you an edge over your competition and boosts overall productivity in your company. So, choose wisely and embrace a successful business.

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