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Choosing the best employee onboarding software in 2022

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Employee onboarding is a process that paves the way to win your new hires’ hearts and minds. It is of prime significance as it gives the first impression to the fresh faces about your company. It is where you impart your organisation’s culture and helps them get up-to-speed with your policies, and doing this is obviously a herculean task. The absence of good employee onboarding software would put you at risk of losing new staff quickly. Employees who underwent bad onboarding experiences are likely to look for other career opportunities. Your company’s quality is determined by the quality of your employee onboarding services as well.

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The 4Cs of onboarding

Dr.Talya Bauer from the SHRM Foundation states that successful onboarding involves proactively covering the four C’s: compliance, clarification, culture, and connection.

When should you look for better onboarding software?

Addressing company needs at the right moment enhances your productivity. You should consider the best employee onboarding platform for these three specific occasions.

  1. An industry with many compliance and regulatory rules.
  2. Your company is experiencing missing documents or other issues during the existing onboarding process.
  3. If you have a high turnover rate.

Strategies to choose the best onboarding software

It would be best not to overlook certain factors while deciding the best online training platforms for employees. Always use a methodology to analyse the best you can afford and bring out the real difference. Juxtapose these factors against your company’s personal needs and choose the best employee training software. These are four major factors that need your attention.

  1. Paperless Documents: An ideal employee onboarding software lets you view, sign, and store documents online. Managing paperless software is the finest when the onboarding process includes much paperwork. It is easier, faster, and eco-friendly as well. Misplacing or losing track of important documents is a nightmare for sure.
  2. Mobile Optimization: Always opt for an LMS platform that offers a mobile hiring app or seamless syncing to all devices. Mobile optimisation is vital for Learning Management Systems because it is convenient to work anywhere. The technicality to sync your mobile phone with your software will enable you to do call to action onboarding tasks, connect with new hires through chats, and even view documents.
  3. Applicant Tracking: It is paramount to check if your employee onboarding platform can track the applicants. Collecting information and organising candidates for hiring is a fundamental aspect. An applicant tracking feature enables you to tag prospects by experience and skill and gives you a choice to filter applications and candidates to your business preference. It helps to evade more difficult, manual labour oriented, time-consuming procedures.
  4. Offboarding Process: A good employee onboarding software for small businesses should offer a more straightforward offboarding solution as well. Automating the process with workflow software is the best way to certify that your offboarding process is compatible. It is innately hard to bid adieu, don’t make it harder by complicating your offboarding process.

Along with these, user-friendliness, determining the affordability, identifying the features you need to accommodate, and integrating your onboarding software solution into your overall software ecosystem are essential.

How can onboarding solutions help?

Keeping tabs on checklists monitoring and executing activities during training is tedious and tiring if carried out manually. With the help of good training software for employees, you could digitise pre-boarding workflows and documents such as offer letters, employee handbooks, benefits previews, and so much more. Collect E-signs and store them in the digital database for further queries. Digitalisation will involve multiple team members simplifying payroll setup too.

We suggest five of the leading employee onboarding software solutions to steer your company to excellence.

  1. Mykademy

Mykademy is a SaaS onboarding software that provides a considerable number of the best employee training software tools and an easy option for white labelling that make onboarding employees and delivering online training easy. An adaptable course management system with rich media and zoom integration provides a rich learning experience for your students. Mykademy enables the effortless creation of multiple modules and events within a course and allows the management of many students. State-of-the-art security and privacy system make it a secure employee onboarding software. A full-time support channel with a growing community helps you at every turn in creating your digital classroom.

  1. GoCo

GoCo is a singular platform with HR, benefits, and payroll management capabilities. Its user-friendly interface with highly customisable solutions, time tracking, e-documentation and much more designed with flexibility help to streamline and automate HR workflow well. The digital platform improves the HR & employee experience by initiating the onboarding process before the employee’s first day, sending digital offer letters and leveraging electronic signatures in one place, acquiring tax withholding and payroll information in minutes. Modern onboarding tools, coupled with embedded payroll software and sync capabilities, benefits administration, and more, make GoCo the go-to HR platform for large and small businesses alike.

  1. Lessonly

A team learning software is a boon and goes hand in hand with training and onboarding. Lessonly ensures its place in the list due to its simplicity and wide acceptance. Creating, sharing, and tracking training content with your new employees is made easy here. Share your business knowledge and actions to equip your teams with competent skills. With Lessonly, you can impart relevant training content with recruits, keep a watch on their progress, and assure that they have met your expectations. However, it doesn’t offer core HR capabilities. Nonetheless, help is paramount if training is a large part of your onboarding process.

  1. Trainual

The most significant step of the onboarding process is integrating the best online training software. If you struggle with this step, Trainual is an excellent software option. Trainual ensures that your recruits are up to speed with step-by-step asynchronous training with automatic notifications. This training software for employees has a unique and fun aspect. They offer a very engaging employee onboarding platform, with content like GIFS and videos—and a chrome extension for easy content search. They also have a large ecosystem of CMS tools and apps that you can seamlessly integrate into existing software to boost productivity. 

  1. Gusto

It is a welcoming employee onboarding software for beginners with its simple, customisable design. You can tailor letters to new hires with little effort and have customisable templates that let you reflect your work culture in style within the software. Gusto enables you to save ample time by making it incredibly easy to set up the software for employees in just one click. Its tool integrations are easy to use and make it effortless if you got little experience in employee management and HR duties. Gusto has a unique benefits package to offer your employees, including medical, dental, workers’ comp.

The digital pre-boarding experience and other cutting-edge features that Mykademy offers assert why it is the best online training platform for many businesses. Mykademy also provides excellent employee training, customer training, and compliance training solutions. Companies can select from these options and start onboarding right away. The included skill library with a variety of ready-made courses can instantly jumpstart the virtual training. A flourishing business depends on how employees attain new skills and how fast they can learn and utilise the latest ideas. An employee onboarding software that is tailor-made for your company gives you an edge over your competition. It is important to take an analysis before you move on to select an onboarding software, thus giving your employees the best ever onboarding experience.

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