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As technology advances, numerous types of software are becoming common in the market to train your employees and customers. To find and pick the best customer training software, you must clearly understand your business needs, target audience, and budget. Hence, it’s crucial to understand what features a customer training solution should have. The goal is to provide reliable data that can be used by managers and future decision-makers to assist customers in their training.

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Initially, you need to figure out what they desire. Some people prefer online training, while others prefer hands-on demonstrations or classroom instruction. The digital revolution and the spread of pandemic have turned the majority of people’s preference for online learning. So, if your clients also belong to this category, let’s get a deeper understanding of what a customer training LMS is and which one suits your needs.

Customer training LMS - All you need to know

A customer training LMS is an online training platform that enables you to create an engaging learning environment for your customers. Using a customer training platform is a super-easy and effective way to teach customers about your product as well as how to use it. It’s also beneficial for businesses that want to ensure that their customers get the most out of their products and services. Moreover, it’s critical to make sure that your customer training LMS can be used on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, to get the most out of your investment.

List of best customer training software - 2022

Employee or customer education in the conventional classroom model is no longer effective. Businesses have evolved to adapt to the rise of digitisation by training their employees and customers online, which is a more efficient and cost-effective method. With the rise in the use of online learning platforms by learners worldwide, there is a growing demand for corporate learning management systems that will allow businesses to provide quality customer training without breaking the bank. 

Let’s have a look at the top six customer training learning management systems that provide the best customer experience.

1. Mykademy – Mykademy is undoubtedly one of the best LMS for customer training that helps to drive product adoption, increase net retention, and reduce the cost of training and support employees, customers and partners. It enables organisations of all sizes to offer engaging e-learning courses, conduct tests & quizzes, track learner progress, provide certificates, and manage their training programs through a feature-rich platform. Some of the world’s most prestigious companies use Mykademy’s enterprise-level learning management system to manage their internal training needs. Moreover, it is a cost-effective alternative to other giants on the market, making it ideal for businesses with limited resources. Above all, Mykademy’s corporate LMS is developed with an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use. 

Mykademy’s cloud-based customer training LMS platform allows you to manage your entire training program from beginning to end, giving you complete control over your training and business. It can be used to solve the pain points of any industry. The product training software also offers a 14-day free trial which helps you to ensure whether it is the one that suits your requirements. On the whole, Mykademy is a user-friendly, cloud-based online training software that allows you to deliver online courses seamlessly. The features are similar to those of other customer training platforms, but it’s highly flexible and customisable, allowing your company to set up a system that works for you.

2. Docebo – Docebo is a ready-to-use, scalable corporate learning platform. It enables you to create engaging online learning experiences by providing a comprehensive set of tools and functionality to assist you at every stage. The platform provides a user experience which is crucial to keep the learners motivated and engaged.

3. Talent LMS – TalentLMS is a corporate learning management system. It lets you track your employees’ progress, conduct e-learning for internal or external clients, manage your classes easily, offer certification exams, etc. Advanced features and intuitive management are also available with TalentLMS. In software, user satisfaction is crucial. TalentLMS makes it simple to use and understand.

4. SAP Litmos – SAP Litmos is a corporate LMS that allows you to create and deliver online training programs easily. Litmos integrates all aspects of the training lifecycle – from development to delivery to evaluation – in one place, helping businesses get the results they want from their training initiatives. Its user-friendly platform allows anyone to create engaging courses in minutes regardless of technical skill.

5. Skilljar – Skilljar is an enterprise customer training platform that offers tools and features for successful customer and partner engagement and enablement. Customers and partners can be onboarded, engaged, and retained more easily with Skilljar’s external customer training LMS. Businesses of all sizes have been able to significantly improve their onboarding, engagement, and retention strategies with the help of their learning platform.

6. Absorb LMS – Absorb LMS is an online learning management system that includes everything you’ll need to create, deliver, and manage your online courses. You can create interactive training content for your employees or customers using the platform. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to develop courses with multiple features, like assignments, quizzes, surveys, learning paths, and certificates of completion. Absorb LMS is a one-stop solution that allows businesses to create, deliver, and manage their courses seamlessly. It also makes videos, documents, presentation slides, and other types of content easier to access.

We’ve entered a new era where better customer service equals more sales, less churn, and higher customer retention. Hence, it’s crucial to figure out the best customer training software to enhance your customer experience and enablement.

Even though there are numerous customer training platforms on the market, the key is finding the right one that will help you retain the customers and build long-term relationships with them. With so many choices, you’re bound to find one that perfectly suits your requirements.

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