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We celebrate the woman in you

Women shouldn’t be celebrated for a day, but everyday. Salutes to the wonderful women workforce at Mykademy and every other lady boss out there.

Meet this edupreneur!

Ms. Deepa Thomas is one of the many successful entrepreneurs who use Mykademy’s LMS software. She’s a true example of excellence and hard-work put together. Nothing stopped her from besting amid the challenges. The journey to becoming a renowned business leader wasn’t easy. With a determined mind and dedicated heart, she made her way up. Ms. Deepa strived to build GEN – the complete Learning Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs. Today, she holds her head high as the Founder of an esteemed firm.

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Around 56% of our clients are women. We take pride in it.

Our ladies of power

So elegantly inspiring and strong, these special ones truly make Mykademy a better workplace.

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Mykademy comes with various in-built marketing features like coupon codes, flash messages and push notifications to help you market and sell courses globally. Grow your online coaching business bigger and better with our marketing tools.

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