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Top 5 Black Friday campaign tips for small businesses

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The holiday season is drawing near, and major retailers have begun to plan their Black Friday sales and events. Customers love Black Friday because it kicks off a four-day weekend of shopping experiences followed by Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, which can help small businesses profit. 

We all know the primary reason for the Black Friday shopping spree is the tempting deals. However, large discounts can be detrimental rather than beneficial for small-scale businesses. Also, it is a common misconception that small businesses can avoid Black Friday sales or pay less attention on this day. After all, they have fewer resources to compete with corporate giants, who certainly offer massive offers. However, dropping your price is not the only way to catch your audience’s attention and get sales. After all, what customers truly care about is getting the most bang for their credit. An attractive and successful Black Friday promotion will give your customers the impression that they are getting the most for their money.

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Here are the five Black Friday marketing tips that every small business can utilise to succeed this year.

  • Partner with others – Big retailers have the luxury of massive advertising budgets, which they devote heavily to the holiday season. On the other hand, small businesses have limited resources, making it difficult to compete with them. Therefore, it is advantageous to collaborate with other local small businesses rather than doing it alone. For instance, course creators can collaborate with a youtube channel or social media content creators in a way that’s beneficial to both parties.
  • Offer free trials or samples – Everyone enjoys receiving something for free, and Black Friday is the perfect time to provide a little. If yours is a service company, consider offering a trial to show customers what they would get, preferably at a discount. Another brilliant idea is to provide a buy-one-get-one deal. For instance, if you have a course-selling business, provide your customers with an offer like ‘pay for one course and receive another for free.’ Customers will remember these small gestures even after the holidays have passed.
  • Provide bundle discounts – The ‘Buy more, Save more’ strategy is undoubtedly one of the best Black Friday ideas for small businesses. Imagine your organisation selling online courses to your customers or vendors. By offering your courses as bundles, you encourage them to order two or more at once. Buyers will believe they are saving money because purchasing two or more items is much cheaper than buying them individually. Smaller businesses frequently employ this strategy for a reason. Offering a discount for higher-value carts will boost your Average Order Value and overall revenue.
  • Conduct social media promotion – One of the most influential Black Friday marketing ideas for small businesses is promoting your sales through social media. With its large user base, social media is an ideal medium for businesses to advertise their Black Friday sales, especially during the peak season when people are actively searching for the best deals. Take advantage of this marketing channel to increase customer engagement, gather insights, and create anticipation for Black Friday. You have more chances to test which type of deal will appeal to your customers if you announce your promotions early on social media channels. You can then make the necessary changes to correspond with their purchasing intentions, increasing your conversion rate when the actual sales period occurs.
  • Offer flash sale – A flash sale is one of the Black Friday sale ideas that can improve traffic, increase revenue, and sell out last season’s stock. Flash sales or hourly deals will definitely increase customer urgency. Deals that change every hour will add to the excitement and encourage buyers to return to your store often. You could offer a lower general discount on all products, followed by an hourly price reduction. On top of that, try including a countdown clock, which will help potential buyers remember the sale and return to your website on time. Flash sale allows customers to get their desired items at a reasonable price. Both the seller and the buyer can benefit from this win-win situation.


It’s time to start creating ideas for how to make this season remarkable. Talk to your employees, customers, and fellow small business owners for suggestions on how to draw in more business during the competitive season. Small businesses will see an increase in sales not only during the holiday season but also year-round if they work together and focus on the local market.

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