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Choosing an LMS platform to create and sell courses online

Create and sell courses online

Create and sell Online Courses

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If you are planning to create and sell online courses, now is the right time to start because the eLearning market is growing rapidly worldwide. 

As more people opt to learn through online courses, the number of online learning platforms increases daily. With so many options choosing the best one has become a challenging task. Before making a decision, it is essential to understand what an online course platform is and how you can create and sell your own online courses

An online learning platform is a web space or portal for educational content and resources that offer learners everything they need in one place: lectures, resources, opportunities to meet and chat with other students, and more.

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A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that provides the framework for managing all aspects of a learning process. It’s where you build, deliver, and track your online course content. 

Apart from delivering online course content, learning management system platforms also handle onboarding, compliance, skills gap analysis and more. There are numerous learning platforms and some of these online learning platforms allow you to run your own online business by assisting in creating and selling online courses. 

With many online course platforms available, how to know which of these is the best online learning platform to create and sell courses online? To help you, we have created a shortlist of the essential aspects to consider while selecting the right and best LMS platform to create and sell online courses for you.

The main purpose of an online learning platform is to create a robust learning experience for the learners to give them an exceptional learning experience. It must offer features like an educator-student interaction, an online community, Q&As, video lessons, interactive online course material, gamification, pop-up quizzes, and many more. All these are developed with features, tools, and services of the learning platform that create the level of engagement learners require. 

Here are a few points to keep in mind while choosing an LMS to create and sell online courses

  1. Meet learners’ needs: It is important to understand your learners’ expectations when you deliver a course. Depending on the specialisation or subject of your course, the LMS platform you choose to create and sell online courses should have the essential features that fulfil your learners’ needs. It is crucial to understand this aspect, as it helps you plan, organise and deliver information according to the preference of your learners. 
  1. Easy content management: As we live in a changing world, everything is updated and revised frequently. After course creation, your content will also need regular updating. An ideal learning management system should provide hassle-free content regulation. With the right LMS platform to create and sell online courses, you’ll be able to keep your learners consistently updated by managing the content. 
  1. Ability to host numerous content formats  : Everyone has their own learning style. So, the LMS platform you select to create and sell courses online must require the feature to host various content formats like videos, articles, webinars, flow charts, PowerPoint presentations and others to meet your learner’s requirements. 
  1. Integrations and extensions : Learning management system’s features help provide high-quality training without hindrances. With seamless third party integrations and extensions, you can enhance the overall eLearning experience for your learners. This will be a huge plus when you create and sell courses online. 
  1. Mobile App : Mobiles are an integral part of our lives. Today, learners prefer to access content any time, anywhere, on the go and prefer a flexible learning cycle. Hence, a mobile app is an unavoidable requirement when choosing an LMS platform to create and sell online courses.  
  1. Security and Reliability : One of the most important details to note when selecting a learning management system is how it manages sensitive information. Does it store your data safely? Ensuring that the LMS has the correct security protocols, firewalls and SSL is vital in protecting your content and learners’ data.
  1. Content Review : One of the best ways to help your learners succeed is to listen to them. Gather their reviews on your course through assessments or email surveys. Use their response to improve your course and sell it to others as learners trust reviews of other learners. When choosing an LMS to create and sell courses, ensure that it has the essential features to collect reviews from learners. 
  1. Coupon Codes & Discounts : Discounts or offers are a great way to attract new learners. Offering discounts and coupon codes for bulk promotions or selected learners can help increase subscriptions. Some LMS platforms support this feature where the admin can create and disable offers and discounts at any time. 
  1. Payment Gateway : When you are choosing an LMS, make sure that the platform supports the integration of multiple third-party payment gateways to accept payments directly to your bank account with zero transaction fees. Convenient and easy payment methods are a basic requirement to sell your courses these days. 

Now that you have a better understanding of how to create and sell online courses, online course platforms and LMS, you can easily make a pick and create and sell your courses online

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