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We help you enhance your communication and coordination with your channel partners and strengthen your connection, enabling both parties to grow and evolve together.

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Partner training enables businesses to share valuable knowledge so that all partners, including reseller partners, VARs, and training partners, can communicate a standardised message. Partners can acquire vital information about your offerings, services, and products through the partner training platform, helping them to perceive your company’s core values and principles. Leveraging the partner training software makes it simple to plan training sessions with partners that will strengthen trade relations and financial connections. Give your partners the best and most efficient training to help them succeed with the finest partner training LMS.

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Perks of partner training LMS platform

An online partner training software constantly enhances coordination and communication between the partners, paving the way for their success and ongoing development. This development can be achieved through an affordable partner training LMS. The partner training software also assists in efficiently organising, producing, and delivering the training as well as allows the users to access content from anywhere at any time from any device.

Partner Training LMS

An ideal partner training platform enables you to :

  • Create, deliver and manage training effectively – With a partner training LMS, it’s easy to create and deliver standardised training to your partners consistently, along with all the courses stored and accessed from a single cloud-based platform. The LMS also makes administration easy and gives you full authority and control over the training.
  • Engage users through interactive content – With the help of the partner training software, the training is just as interactive and engaging as it would have been with other types of training.
  • Track and manage learners – User management becomes simple and efficient with the tracking feature of the partner training LMS. With this feature, you can track learner progress, attendance, course completion, and more.
  • Give and receive timely feedback – Feedback is indeed an essential factor, especially when it comes to training. It helps you identify whether you are doing the right thing. Partner training platform enables you to give and collect feedback regularly.
  • Use multimedia content – Who doesn’t love engaging content filled with dynamic pictures, detailed presentations and impactful videos in their learning content? The usage of multimedia content not only enhances the quality of the training content but also improves the user’s attention and encourages course completion. Try an online partner training software that allows the usage of multimedia content.
  • Manage reports – With the help of the channel partner LMS, you can create multiple reports regarding the course, learning process, examination, and course completion. These reports can prove how successfully the course was implemented.
  • White-labelling – It is the most helpful feature for those who consider branding their prime concern. The best partner training LMS platforms will have white-labelling feature that allows you to customise the platform and provides pre-made templates so that it appears as a part of your own brand.
  • Help users with ongoing skill development – Skill development is not a short-term goal. It’s an ongoing process that needs continuous knowledge acquisition and improvement. With the changing regulations and other external factors that stand as a hindrance, it’s not always possible for both parties to conduct and attend classroom training. In these challenging times, consistent and continuous training through an online partner training software is the only way to hone the skills and knowledge.


Better partner training means increased product knowledge and improved partner performance. Additionally, a well-made and executed partner training programme strengthens the bond between you and your partners, enabling both parties to grow and develop further. Above all, the best partner training LMS will reduce your effort without making you compromise the quality of the training delivered. 

Wondering how to pick the best one from a pool of LMS platforms? Try Mykademy’s all-in-one partner training LMS platform. Our platform is cloud-based, feature-rich and user-friendly. We also offer a 14-day free trial to help you explore the platform before purchasing.

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