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Nine steps to starting your successful online yoga course

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So here we are, facing a global pandemic that has changed the way we live, work and function. With studios and gyms shutting down, you are left with no option to continue serving the community and preserving the practice you built over the years.

It is here that we learn to push ourselves, pick out opportunities and turn them into success. We must remain positive and strive forward to enhance and boost our dreams of pursuing what we love to do while earning what we deserve for it.

Taking your yoga business online would mean that you can now focus more on helping your audience without the usual hiccups of running a traditional business. 

Here, we share our nine steps to launch and promote your online yoga classes.

Create a solid plan

Let’s start by slowing down, taking a deep breath and visualising how you see your future classes. Now, let’s make that ambitious plan to suit your imagination.

Figure out the answers to your questions. Decide on the types of yoga you will teach and whether it would be private lessons or group classes. Make a list of platforms used to engage with students and rule out those that don’t appeal to you. Plan out the marketing mediums you want to use, types of memberships, programmes, pricing models and how you intend to make money.

Pick out your digital tools

Choose the digital tools you would require to record sessions and find the editing software that helps you to make your content look professional and exciting. Do not forget about the additional tools you may need, like a tripod stand or wireless microphones, or even a well-made playlist for your sessions. 

Craft a solid website

Let’s make that first impression right. Your website is where potential learners would know more about what you have to offer and whether you are the right choice for them. Take a look at your competition and find out what can work for you. Ensure that it is user-friendly and sharp.

Don’t worry if you are not equipped with the tech/design knowledge because platforms like Mykademy can provide you with all the support you need. 

Stand out on social media

Social media is changing the world, and we are all witnessing its power daily. As much as your audience would love to learn or improve yoga, they ultimately want to feel connected to a like-minded community. And this is what you should bank on while creating your content for social media. 

Remember, your content is the fire, and social media is the gasoline ready to spread it.

Start blogging

Starting your yoga blog can be a great way to set yourself up for online classes as it helps you to engage with your audience and give them snippets about what you know and how well you can present your classes. 

You can write about how yoga benefits a person’s mental and physical health during the Covid-19 pandemic, exercises to improve overall fitness, share recipes and tips, review literature and documentaries related to yoga, and so on. Sharing your knowledge and expertise on yoga will bring trust to your brand. Your options are never-ending!

Choose your platform

Think about how you can present your content and pick ones that you feel fit. You can consider creating general content related to your area of expertise rather than sticking to just instructional videos. You can try hosting webinars and podcasts. 

If you have access to an established online training platform like Mykademy, use it to get started today! You will gain access to various features that will relieve you from stressing about the technical side of things.  

Create classes

Bring your unique personality and touch to your content while you build your own course. Make sure that it is engaging and easy to grasp. Conduct short surveys to determine what your competition lacks and try to fill the gaps with your twist. 

Market your classes

Make use of all the suitable mediums and ensure that you engage with your audience in whatever way possible. Market your online course through platforms like YouTube and Reddit to increase your brand presence. Come up with programmes and pricing strategies that are different from your competitors. 

And last but not least…


While starting your online yoga business can incur startup costs, the benefits you reap can vanish your doubts and help you to grow beyond your standard setup.

This process may be new to you, and you may find yourself having doubts and inhibitions. But remember, with the right hand to hold you through, you will come out as a successful edupreneur on the other side. 

Join Mykademy today and check out how we can be the perfect partner in your journey towards becoming the best in what you do. Build your own online course today and get a free trial for 14 days.

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