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National Technology Day

National Technology Day

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The past

Since the pandemic hit, we’ve confronted a complex challenge: a global change. The Covid-19 wave badly struck the world economy. Industries struggled to keep up their business but in vain. People have been proactively developing sustainable solutions to battle uncertain and unreliable circumstances. It has pushed us to be more adaptable and motivated to see a positive future. Over the course of time, the world has learnt to flex with the changing and unusual scenarios. 

Moment of realisation

The growth of the internet and technology has been taking the world by storm ever since. Technology had already influenced the education sector but took a major leap after the epidemic. People started to rely on e-learning like never before. All the classes, training and coaching switched to online within no time. The teachers, trainers, coaches and institutions started to adapt to the changing trends in education. Everyone started realising how convenient, budget-friendly, effective and valuable online courses were. 

E-learning era

The blend of technology and education sure did make a difference in society. Anyone worldwide with just a device and internet connection started to attend online courses. Everyone started to upgrade their skill set by completing online courses to boost their career.

People not only started to attend online courses but also emerged as great course creators. There was scope in every other field, and the most important task was to find the right course to upskill oneself. When there was a significant rise in demand for online courses, individuals and institutions started to sell what they knew online. E-learning began to skyrocket, and many turned their training online to save on resources. 

Virtual classrooms have evolved from a fascinating fantasy set by science fiction worlds of our early stage of life. Our basic existence is now submerged by scientific advancement. In this Gen Z environment, newer trends become viral every now and then. 

Online courses have a wide range of advantages: the expenses involved in a traditional classroom can be cut down; each learner can learn at their own pace; access courses from anywhere at any time; interactive and engaging sessions; zero transportation cost; no geographical barriers and much more.

National Technology Day

The ed-tech industry initiated contributing majorly to every nation’s economy. Online education has become the sole means to secure and maintain the educational sector’s sustainability. Above 2 billion students would have been deprived of an education if it hadn’t been for E-learning. The tremendous expansion of online teaching platforms in recent years has aided us in effectively addressing and adjusting to this circumstance. 

According to studies, the global E-learning market is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.6 percent from 2019 to 2026, reaching over $1 Trillion by 2027. The online cloud-based LMS platform like Mykademy, provides excellent tools for moving into the E-tutoring boom and revolutionising the educational business while also assisting you in building a successful career as an edupreneur.

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