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Role of learning management system in the Oil & Energy Industry

Learning Management System for Oil & Energy Industry

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In today’s competitive world, organisations have realised that providing online L&D programmes by using proper learning tools to employees is critical, particularly in keeping the employees engaged and motivated with the various activities planned, achieving goals, getting better results, and gaining a good return on investment. Moreover, getting them to finish the courses or training programmes is not as easy as it seems. However, a learning management system can be a game-changer as it is highly flexible and user-friendly. An all-in-one learning management solution enables organisations to efficiently manage their online training and improve the quality of their training, helping to keep learners motivated, thereby encouraging them to complete the training process by combining mobile, social, and video technologies.

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The oil and gas industry is one of the most highly regulated industries and is frequently subjected to changes due to strict guidelines. With the ever-evolving global markets and a constant demand for specialised skill sets, the right learning management system for the oil and energy industry is required to keep the training run smoothly at a pace that provides the resources and tools needed to meet compliance. Like in every industry, an online training platform plays a significant role in the oil and gas industry. Its flexibility and wide range of applications make it easier to implement in the oil and energy industries. Online training through an LMS is ideal for the oil and energy industry because it enables companies to be more agile, delivering revised training to large, often dispersed workforces under changing priorities.

Key role of an LMS in the Oil & Energy Industry

  1. Better product knowledge – A well-trained workforce is always an asset to any organisation. Better product knowledge equals better performance and productivity, leading to better sales and customer satisfaction and ultimately resulting in better ROI.
  2. Asynchronous learning – The learning management system facilitates the delivery of training across geographical boundaries in a timely and consistent manner. Those dispersed across different regions can attend the training conveniently with the help of an LMS.
  3. Lesser operational costs – You can easily cut down unnecessary costs such as travel, hiring instructors, and renting physical space with the help of an LMS for oil and gas training.
  4. Risk mitigation – The e-learning solution for the energy industry reduces risks by providing employees with the training to stay informed and updated with the industry regulations.
  5. Regular and updated information – You can keep your training and information up to date with new laws and regulations in the industry, thanks to the corporate training management system.
LMS for oil and gas training

Advantages of using an LMS in the Oil & Energy Industry

Choosing an online training platform to conduct your training is always a great idea. Let’s see the benefits in detail.

  • Customisation – With an LMS for oil and gas industry, you can personalise your training for the oil-energy industry while also promoting your brand. You can accomplish this by adding your company’s logo, images, and icons and changing the theme to reflect your brand. This rebranding also helps to boost the value of your product line.
  • SCORM Compliance – A SCORM-compliant LMS guarantees that all the training content for the oil-energy industry is compatible with it and that learning resources can be easily shared across multiple systems.
  • Easy access – It is the biggest blessing offered by the LMS. If your work mode is hybrid and your employees are scattered around the world, you can train them with a centralised learning management system.
  • Tracking and reporting – An LMS for oil and gas with user tracking and advanced reporting capabilities are an immense help. These features are critical because they allow energy and utility companies to gain insight into the training process while also tracking and analysing the effectiveness of each training activity.
  • Performance analysis and completion certification – The learning management system for oil and energy industry lets you set the users’ goals, evaluate their progress, and provide continuous coaching and feedback. You can also use it to carry out their performance analysis. Finally, once a user has completed the training, you can issue them completion certificates through the LMS.
  • High security – The security of one’s data is something that everyone is concerned about, especially in industries such as oil and energy. A cloud-based learning management system provides high protection and ensures that your data is safe and secure.

Having said that, not every learning management system in the market comes with all the tools and features mentioned above. Therefore, do not just randomly pick any one of them without any prior trial or demo. Try to compare different systems as it helps you find your right training partner.

If you want all the above-mentioned features and more packed into one platform to conduct your training, try Mykademy’s all-in-one learning management system for oil and energy industry. We offer a 14-day free trial as well.

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