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Learning management system for aviation industry

Learning management system for aviation industry

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Employee training is a prime concern for the airline sector due to strict government rules, stringent safety regulations, and country-specific airline laws and guidelines. Moreover, you should overcome the difficulties of offering multiple types of training based on the roles, such as providing safety training to technicians on the ground or customer service training to the cabin crew. In order to store and exhibit hundreds of comprehensive courses, protect sensitive personal data, and consistently update the courses, the aviation sector needs a strong, secure, and flexible learning management system for the aviation industry.

Perks of using an aviation LMS

Aviation LMS System
  • Easy access to training – Trainees can participate in training at any time and from any location with the help of an aviation LMS. This lessens time missed from work and the typical training boredom that occurs in aviation training.
  • Efficient compliance managementLMS for airlines conducts compliance training effectively while adhering to all industry safety regulations and regulatory requirements. Advanced reporting and analytics keep track of the metrics for compliance training to make sure it is completed.
  • Asynchronous learning – Workers in the aviation sector are constantly travelling and working in various places and varied time zones. The offline learning capabilities of the mobile app by the aviation LMS and its support for numerous devices give flexibility to the employees in the industry as they learn at their leisure.
  • Hassle-free role-based training – After onboarding, employees receive role-based training. The robust features and tools of a corporate LMS for training in aviation make it simple for the appropriate group to access the essential training content and submit assignments.
  • Easy tracking and reporting – Some aviation learning management systems provide an analytics feature that enables you to monitor your aviation crew’s learning trends and advancements. Managers and decision-makers can receive timely reports on employee training status through the automated reporting system.
  • Struggle-free administration – Most of the time, the administration tasks become a headache. When you train a diverse and remote aviation crew, it is advised to reduce the administrative load on the process. An e-learning solution for the aviation industry can speed up such tedious, time-consuming activities, thus making administration a cakewalk.
  • Effective course delivery – A robust learning management system for online flight training smoothens the course delivery. It facilitates blended learning, including computer-aided training, video-assisted instruction, and other immersive technologies like virtual aircraft training.
  • Reduced cost – A multi-tenant LMS reduces operating expenses compared to traditional classroom training by combining thousands of users from different locations into a single digital platform.
  • Advanced training for multiple departments – An online LMS system for the airline industry lets you promote new offerings, updated routes, revised compliance policies, etc., among your partners, sales, and marketing teams. You can also provide training in sales strategies specific to their industry, updated booking and cancellation procedures, and conflict management in accordance with their needs and responsibilities.
  • Improved employee satisfaction – Employees are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs when training is scheduled promptly. They can earn incentives by taking advantage of features like polls, leaderboards, gamification etc. Increased retention and performance are benefits of an aviation LMS.

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Bottom line

The aviation sector has its prime concerns, including the stringent regulations that keep changing, data storage, customer experience and expenses related to aviation training and e-learning. An LMS for aviation training ensures that every member of the diverse workforce of an airline receives cost-efficient, secure, and role-based training.

Mykademy is a robust and secure LMS designed to meet the changing demands of aviation training. It can adapt to any size, offers a wide range of organisational and customisation choices, and protects your business with cutting-edge security features. Take a 14-day free trial to explore the platform in detail. 

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